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Being Human - Episode 3.01 - Lia - Press Release

When you've spent the last few years sharing a house with a vampire and werewolves, you would imagine life couldn't get any weirder.

But Annie, the ghost who has so far escaped the clutches of death in BBC Three's hit drama Being Human, finds herself in even stranger surroundings at the start of the third series: trapped in purgatory, waiting to hear her fate.

Meanwhile, Annie's best friends and former housemates – werewolf couple George and Nina, and reformed vampire Mitchell – are hoping for a fresh start by moving to Wales. Surely if anywhere can provide a haven for them, a place where they can pass under the radar, it's the seaside town of Barry?

Leaving the memories of their much-loved house in Bristol behind, George, Nina and Mitchell settle into their new home – a kitsch B&B named Honolulu Heights that boasts many benefits for supernatural sharers; a large basement providing a safe and sheltered environment on a full moon, for one.

Mitchell, however, is finding it hard to settle in. He's struggling with the guilt of his bloodthirsty revenge at the end of the last series, but – most importantly – he's missing Annie.

Determined to get her back Mitchell enters purgatory, where he meets Lia. Though sweet and sparky, Lia lets Mitchell into a dark secret that threatens to haunt him day and night, and to tear his friendships apart...

Annie is played by Lenora Crichlow, George by Russell Tovey, Nina by Sinead Keenan, Mitchell by Aidan Turner and Lia by Lacey Turner.

Source: BBC