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Brothers and Sisters - As the show reaches 100th episode it might be canceled: fans won't back down!

We all know (well, if we do it's certainly not thanks to the "high promotion" ABC made for it) that this Sunday's episode is not gonna be just a simple episode but the big milestone of the 100th episode. So, surely, there are going to be big things and fireworks at the Walkers'.

Let's begin with the prodigal son return: Tommy. He comes back from Seattle and takes with him a surprise for his family: a new girlfriend, Rose, who seems everything but shy and who'll bring some drama. But Tommy is not the only returnee for the special occasion, in fact, Luc comes back from his work trip in China to join the big Walker family dinner.

Of course an episode you don't have to miss since it seems to be a full-old Walker style episode we've all been craving for. The only flaw is the absence of Calista's character, Kitty. In fact she temporarily moved to Washington for a mysterious issue that we still don't know, but we don't have to worry since we know that she'll come back in a few episodes. Her temporary departure is because of her personal request to reduce her screen-time this year.

Then, ABC early renewed six of its shows (Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Modern Family, Better With You, Castle and Cougar Town) but Brothers & Sisters did not compare on the list and they said that the chances of cancellation/renewal are 50%. This thing worried the fans who didn't lose any time and created groups and pages to give their message to ABC expressing their will in wanting a new season and to show love and support to Brothers & Sisters cast and crew.

Many of the fans are writing on boards, official pages on Facebook expressing their disappointment in knowing that their favourite show might not be renewed for 2011/2012. I'm personally a fan and I'd like to give you the addresses to reach this pages and join if you want to:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SaveBrosAndSis
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/SaveBrosAndSis

Just spread the word to do something for your show and one more thing.... don't forget to watch Brothers & Sisters' big 100th episode for any reason! Golden Globes air? DVR exists ;)

Dominic Brown