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Adams TV Teasers - Issue 6 - SpoilerTV Exclusive - Chuck, The Cape, Glee, CSI:NY & Miami, True Blood amongst others

The latest TV Teasers is here for your viewing pleasures.

Breakout Kings
Episode 1.12

The producers are hunting for a hot and tough-as-nails Latin woman. Needless to say, she breaks out of prison.

Bleep My Dad Says
Episode 1.16 is called "Well-Suitored."

The producers are hunting for a dry, comedy star to play a security guard who stops Shatner from getting into a private event.

Pilot Episode.

This is a new TV show, with currently cast main characters of Nicholas D'Agosto & Enver Gjokaj.
I'm guessing the show is set in a hotel, as the producrers are hunting a series regular who is the manager of the titular Eden Hotel. She's described as sophisticated & manipulative.

CSI: Miami
Episode 9.17 is called "Special Delivery."

The producers are hunting for an actor to play Sean, an intern at a doll manufacturing plant. He is described as both bright but misguided. Rumour has it he's sickened by something...
Also on the list of characters needing an actor is Pete, who is apparently "shaken when led to believe his wife & son were messing around." Hmmmm....
The synopsis states that "a seemingly senseless killing of a delivery man and the grisly murder of a business woman become inextricably linked." But how?

Episode 7.18

The synopsis for the episode is that a master of disguise is killed with a unique murder weopon, and there is a witness. Perhaps it's someone we know...

Episode 2.13

Tiny news, the producers are casting for a nurse, who is described as nothing more, and nothing less, than "attractive." Exciting stuff...

The Middle
Episode 2.16 is called "Hecks on a Plane."

As expected, the story takes place, on a plane. Or is it?
The synopsis hints that after the family win a vacation to New York, they sepnd most of the time stuck in airports and on board a particular airplane.

30 Rock
Episode 5.15

Dream date for Liz Lemon alert! Anders is his name, gorgeous, Star Wars geek, Nightclub hater. It's her perfect match!

True Blood
Episode 4.04

The producers are hunting for Caroline Bellefleur, a 70 year old grandmother who dislikes Vampires but warms to Bill's charm.
Intruigingly, the producers also want a head priest. For a flashback, rumour has it burning witched are the name of his game...

4.17 is called "Chuck vs. The First Bank of Evil."

Think Gary Oldman for the new role of Riley, 50's and an intelligent looking and strangely imposing man. He is a powerful lawyer with a sense of humour. Also it's maybe recurring.
Bizarrely the producers are also looking for Henry VIII, yes they need a guy who acts and looks like Henry the VIII...

The Cape
Episode 1.10 is called "3:10 to Whitsec."

There's definetely at least ten episodes in season one as this confirms.
In this episode there is Layla, a tyical tween who is whisked away to safety when her family is threatened. Did I mention shes the son of traitor Marty?
Also in this episode is Layla's brother C.J, younger and a curious boy.

The Good Wife
Episode 2.16 is called "Great Firewall."

Featuring is Camilla, who is stunning, and knows how to dress. She is the counsel for 'Facebranch' an international social netowrking site. Sound familiar? :P
The official synopsis hints at the team representing Shi Quan, who was tortured for five years in a Chinese Prison after she was turned over by Facebranch. Intruiging...

The Mentalist
Episode 3.17 is called "Bloodstream."

Dr. Watson you say? Vernon Watson, an African American whos' alibi doesn't hold up, but not for the reasons anyone thought...

Mad Love
Episode 1.10 is called "Pub Quiz."

How I Met Your Mother
Episode 6.17 is called "Garbage Island."

The synopsis is that Marshall struggles to find new meaning to his life, and his quest has unexpected consequences. Spooky...

Episode 3.19

The producers are after a star for Marla, a forgotten movie star who has a supporting oscar to her name. She also has a lot of cats. She is going to be important...

Hope you enjoyed the latest, back next week with more!

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