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Follow us on Tumblr - Just passed 5,000 Followers

Update: 1st Sept Just passed 5,000 Followers. Thanks to everyone.

We've gotten quite a few emails this year from people who love Tumblr and who follow their favourite sites that way rather than RSS or Twitter.

As a result we now have a little presence ourselves on Tumblr here http://spoilertv.tumblr.com/

We're still learning how best to use this but for now our Tumblr site simply updates itself every hour with a number of posts from the main SpoilerTV site. This allows Tumblr users to be notified and repost the content easily.

So if you're Tumblr user feel free to Follow us here http://spoilertv.tumblr.com/ and if you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments.