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Mega Buzz - Various Shows - 15th December 2010

Bones is killing me! Please tell me Booth will wise up and choose Brennan in the new year. — Linda
ADAM: Well, he may have other things on his mind: Executive producer Stephen Nathan tells me that an upcoming storyline about a sniper is going to turn Booth's world upside down. "Booth is forced to confront the life that he led [as a sniper in the Army] when he sees a guy who's perverted the profession," he says. "The need Booth has to bring this guy to justice is going to hang over us for the rest of the year." But in the meantime, Booth will look to Temperance to be his rock. "Whatever his relationship with Hannah, Brennan is always the closest person in his life," Nathan says. "The sniper will affect Booth and Brennan in a very profound way."

In the Dexter finale, Quinn said he owed Dexter one. Will we see that debt paid? — Stacy
NATALIE: Yes, says executive producer Sara Colleton, who also hints that Quinn and Deb will be closer than ever next year. "Whether Dexter will ever choose to take Quinn up on that offer, one doesn't know," she says.

Do you have any non-Tiva scoop on NCIS? — Matt
ADAM: Looks like Director Vance's tough year is about to get even tougher. I'm hearing that he will have to work closely with the Army's equivalent of NCIS to protect a high-ranking foreign diplomat from terrorist threats at a treaty signing. When things don't go as planned, NCIS takes the heat, including a dressing-down for Vance from a State Department bigwig.

Any chance Isobel (Mia Kirshner) will return on Vampire Diaries? — Heather
NATALIE: Yes! Elena's malevolent-hot birth mother will be back to share her wealth of vampire knowledge. Maybe. "Isobel has a lot of information and will continue to be useful for that information," executive producer Julie Plec tells us. "Where she is right now, what she's doing and whose side she's on — those questions start to get asked very soon." (She's also not the only birth parent returning to town.)

Can we expect fireworks on Brothers & Sisters now that Kitty's sleeping with her boss' son? — Melinda
ADAM: Turns out that Kitty's new beau has a mom who is just as fierce a protector as Nora Walker. Sadly, Ryan Devlin tells us that while we won't see a mom-on-mom cage match, that doesn't mean some claws won't come out. "Kitty's pretty strong and likes to take care of her own business," Devlin says. "I expect there to be more of a showdown between Kitty and Seth's mother, which makes things all the more awkward for little Seth."

Got any scoop on Desperate Housewives? — Connie
NATALIE: It looks like someone on Wisteria Lane is getting a houseguest. Producers are looking for a precocious 10-year-old to play a girl who's spent most of her life in foster care. Any guesses as to who takes little Jenny in?

Any scoop on Hawaii Five-0? I'm really hoping we'll see more of Danno and his ex-wife Rachel. — Diana
ADAM: Ask and ye shall receive, Diana. You can expect to see more of Rachel when Danny has to help her new hubby Stan out of a tight spot. Described as a wealthy international businessman, Stan catches a corrupt politician demanding a bribe and threatens to indict him, thus putting Rachel and Grace in tremendous danger.

Will Leslie and Ben (Adam Scott) hook up on Parks and Recreation? — Sam
NATALIE: The groundwork will be laid out over the first few episodes. Ben will attempt to take care of Leslie when she gets the flu. Once they do take it to the next step, though, don't expect them to share their joyous news. We hear Leslie and Ben will have a total freakout when a janitor catches them kissing.

Anything cool coming up on Parenthood? — Elle
ADAM: I hear the show is looking for a big name to play a super-smart bug specialist hired for Max's birthday party. And he's bringing much more to the party than some creepy crawlers. Like Max, he has Asperger's syndrome, which will provide Adam and Kristina some key insights into their son's possible future.

Where's the Supernatural scoop? — Chris
NATALIE: Right here: An angel hitman is coming and he's not a happy camper (think Javier Bardem in No Country For Old Men, Friendo). He'll cross into an alternate universe to catch his quarry, and when he does, the results will be bloody.

I cannot wait for Southland to come back. Give me some dirt! — Jacob
ADAM: That simmering tension between John and Ben is about to boil over. Although the season begins with Ben still biting his tongue about his training officer's drug use, Benjamin McKenzie tells us that will change. "Ben finally has to be the one to tell John some hard truths," he says. "They are deep friends and partners, but they also have huge conflicts where things are often left unsaid. But they won't be at the end of the season. They will all come out."

Any scoop on the hybrid baby on V? — Kyle
NATALIE: If you can imagine, it's even creepier than the one from the original miniseries. Despite his best efforts, Ryan is unable to spring his love child from the mothership. The baby will be under Anna's watchful eye, where she can use the tot against Ryan to obtain information on the Fifth Column.

Source: TV Guide

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