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Latest from Kristin - Various Shows - 14th December 2010

Karl: Loved the [Dexter] finale, but what did Deb mean during her final conversation with Dexter at the party: "You must be [happy] too, now that this is all over." What would Deb be referring to as "this"? Is she dropping a hint that she knows he was helping Number 13, or did I completely miss what Deb was talking about?
I went to executive producer Sara Colleton with this question, because so many of you were asking it (as well as the two following Q's). She tells you: "Deb is referring to the barrel-girls case. It was meant to be purposely vague, and it should make Dexter wonder exactly what it is she means as he can't be sure."

Nicollette: Are we to believe that Quinn did not figure out that Dexter is a killer? Or is that yet to be determined?
Per Colleton: "Quinn may suspect Dexter has been somehow involved in Liddy's death, but don't think his world view is large enough yet to imagine who Dexter really is."

Maurice: So bummed to see Lumen leave last night on Dexter! Any chance Julia Stiles will return?
Colleton: "That has not been discussed. But she is out there..."

Sara: What can you tell us about Community?
Besides the fact that Dan Harmon is obviously playing games with our heartstrings? (Jeff and Annie! Jeff and Britta! Jeff and Pierce! OK, that last one's just a joke.) If it makes you feel any better, Gillian Jacobs is in the dark, too. "[Last we saw] Jeff and Britta were drunkenly making out in the back seat of a car, so we're just two really confused, immature, egotistical people, and so when you have two narcissists colliding it's never going to go smoothly," she tells us. "We need alcohol apparently in the mix." Our guess: This will-they-won't-they will continue for awhile.

@iheartbillyb (via Twitter): With Gwyneth returning to Glee, will we get the Emma jealousy plot we were promised before?
You Twitter peeps had a lot of questions about Gwyneth, Wemma and Finchel today, and I promise you this: I'm hitting the Glee set tomorrow morning for a very quick powwow with some of the cast and producers, and I will try to get as much info as I possibly can for you! Anything else you'd like to know, hit me up at @kristindsantos.

Joyce: Now that Jax and Tara are reunited, have we finally seen the last of that ho Ima on Sons of Anarchy?
Maybe. Or maybe not. We just caught up with the very-sweet-in-real-life Kristen Renton at the JHRTS party, and she told us a return for Ima remains possible, "I have not spoken to Kurt Sutter—I know he's extremely busy right now with the finale just happening—but I will always be his troublemaker if he'd like me to be. For sure. If he tells me he needs me, I'm there."

@reebsreiswig (via Twitter): Do you know any more details of Dane Cook's guest role on Hawaii Five-0?
We're told Cook is booked for episode No. 17 this season, playing Danny's (Scott Caan's) brother. Show runner Peter Lenkov teases, "He's going to come out to Hawaii for a visit." (Did you think they were changing the name of the show to Real Cops of Jersey Shore?)

@bamalama86 (via Twitter): Does Matt get any more screen time on The Vampire Diaries? He's my fave character and I'm sad he only gets 15 seconds an ep, if I'm lucky!
Well, your luck is changing! I'm told Matt will be involved in the Caroline and Tyler story, so you will see more of him coming up.

Frederick: What is up with the E! Online story that Gossip Girl is ending?!
That's my buddy Marc Malkin who heard from Leighton Meester herself that her contract is up in two years, but don't hit the panic button just yet! My CW sources tell me the network is not ready to give up on the series anytime soon. If it means working out more flexible agreements in the years to come (à la Taylor Momsen's this season) so that some of the cast can do more outside projects, that may happen, and Gossip Girl could end up getting some fresh blood. (Just like that Glee rumor that's out there. I like to call it the Menudo effect.) The bottom line is that it's just too early to speculate what will happen in two years, but here's hoping Leighton sticks around.

Drew: Are Blair and Dan going to hook up on Gossip Girl? They were so great together in the episode where they helped Serena, and I would kind of like to see what that pairing would be like.
Couldn't agree more. My source says "no comment" but I smell a little somethin'-somethin' brewing, and I hope my nose knows! When asked how the fourth Gossip Girl season is treating her at this weekend's Country Strong junket, Leighton told us: "She has an unexpected friendship with Dan, which has been fun because I like working with Penn. And I can't tell you anything else."

@CubraLibra (via Twitter): Can we get any scoop on Glee?
Kristin Chenoweth herself tells us, "I'm so excited. I'm going to come back in the spring for a couple episodes. I think it'd be funny if April sang a little opera. I mean, who would expect her to do that? And Ryan Murphy has written a pilot for me to do after that." Two requests: Hook up April with Neil Patrick Harris and bring us that K.Chen pilot now! Thanks, Ry-Ry.

Francesca: Can we please get some Quick news? Anything at all on Quinn and Puck? And will Quinn get more of a storyline? When do we get to see her home life?
Peeps, trust me, I'd love to give you some Quick news, slow and dirty if I could, but at this moment I know nothing of what's to come between the two of them. There just hasn't been anything to tell yet, according to my (possibly tongue-tied) sources. And I can tell you that Quinn's parents aren't booked for a return anytime soon. Charlotte Ross tells me she hasn't gotten the call, saying, "Me...or Madonna, you know I can see why. [Laughs.] There are so many huge celebrities that are literally vying to be on the show, campaigning to be on the show. I'm happy to be on the show, I'd be happy to come back, but right now I guess [Quinn] doesn't want to come home to be with her mommy!"

Danielle: What can you tell us about the final episodes of Life Unexpected?
First, make sure to keep Tuesday, Jan. 18, open because the last two episodes of the season/series (same difference) are airing back-to-back starting at 8 p.m. OK, so you're not going to get the ending of your dreams (neither is show runner Liz Tigelaar, so don't pout too much), but they are satisfying and really focus on the core relationships of the show. And following last week's jaw-dropping episode, "Stand Taken," we'll really see Lux coming into her own and finally feeling like a part of the family, particularly when it comes to her relationship with Cate.

Monica: How about some True Blood scoop?
Stop the presses! 'Cause we just caught up with Sam Trammell and he told us everything about what's going to happen in the new season. Read only if you really want to know: "We've been [shooting] for about two weeks. We've gotten two scripts and it's really cool. I'm really psyched about it. My character gets to do some very cool things. And it's different—some things have happened that have changed things, so I think the viewers will be excited. Alan [Ball] likes to keep everybody on their toes. It's always fun just getting the scripts and reading them, it's like...I was going to say crack cocaine but I've never had it!" Got all that? This season will be "cool" and "different" and "things have changed" and Sam is not a crackhead in real life. You'll still watch True Blood even though you know the entire season now, won't you?

Tony: Anything on True Blood?
Sookie's (Anna Paquin) mansion has been a shambles ever since Maryann used it as the center of her freaky Dionysian cult (remember the meat sculpture?), but insiders tell me they're finally repainting the house and repairing all the damage from the keggers held at Maryanne's behest. Mmmm...sounds like Sookie might be settling back into domestic bliss? Hey, Martha Stewart, how about a guest spot?

Sarah P.: Any scoop on the final days of Big Love?
Our beloved Anne Dudek will be back! (BTW, she has a wonderful mommy blog you can read here that will keep you in Dudek awesomeness between her shows.) We just caught up with Anne at USA Network's A More Perfect Union event in New York and she told us big things are coming on Love for Alby's diabolical bride Lura. According to Anne, "It becomes very dramatic. My character goes through something very dramatic. For some, it would be a tragedy. For her, it's a great thing. It's a joyous occasion." Does she have a baby? A sex change? A peanut-butter-and-toe-jam sandwich? The mind boggles.

Joan: What's going to happen now that Adrianna's music-stealing secret is out on 90210?
Little ole Adrianna is going to keep cashing in on her 15 minutes of fame, even after the world knows about her musical grave-robbing! Because what's better than a brand new reality show (starring the West Bev babe and her pals, of course) about a controversial flash-in-the-pan pop star?

@xMelissaR04 (via Twitter): Got anything on 90210, particularly Annie and Liam?
Not much on Annie and Liam, besides the fact that they are OK and in love...for now (but not really for long). But poor Naomi! The minute she gets all her money back and kinda sorta starts to get her life back in order, she goes and loses it again—although this time it's her generosity of spirit that gets the better of her. (Yep, N is a total giver!) Don't worry about her too much though, because 90210 producers are currently casting a Michael Cera-esque geek to help save the day—and Naomi's fortune.

Frank: How will Teddy's friends react to him coming out?
Most of them will be totally fine, but I'm told there may be some weirdness for a little while.

Jan: Hellcats, please!
First of all, for you wondering about the move to Tuesday nights, I'm told this is very much a good thing, as it is devised to get Hellcats out of the way of Idol (which now will air Wednesday and Thursday). Meanwhile, Vanessa (Sharon Leal) kicks major booty as the Hellcats coach, but there's gotta be more to life that that, right? Well, that's exactly what the newly betrothed gal will start to consider when one of her supersuccessful ex-cheermates comes back in the picture and makes her question her whole career.

Kyle: Make It or Break It?
We just encountered MIOBI castmembers Josie Loren and Johnny Pacar at the JHRTS holiday party in West Hollywood, and they are so excited for you guys to see the new episodes. Johnny says, "There's a lot of back and forth. Emily (Chelsea Hobbs) and Damon get a huge crazy surprise that no one would ever predict within the story itself," and Josie told us, "Kaylie is dealing with her eating disorder. We deal with teen sexuality as well—and all aspects of teen sexuality, let's just put it that way."

Trudy: Any chance Kristin Kreuk will return to Smallville? I'd love to see her come and throw a wrench in the Clark and Lois engagement to spice things up!
I'm told she won't be returning. Sorry!

Jill: Thanks for including Friday Night Lights in your top 10 list! Any scoop?
Look for a big showdown between Coach (Kyle Chandler) and Ornette (Cress Williams, Vince's dad) about how to handle college recruiters. Ornette makes a move by the end of the episode that has Coach's hair all but standing up and screaming with rage. (Coach's hair, as you know, is more expressive than most whole actors.) Oh, and Jason Street (Scott Porter) is back, joining Coach on the sidelines for the season's all-important East Dillon-Dillon game!

@ayetortuga (via Twitter): I'm excited for Scott Porter to return to Friday Night Lights this week. When are other original castmembers coming back?!
Here's your FNL return schedule right here, my love. Circle these dates in puffy-paint hearts on your calendar!

Taylor Kitsch returns Jan. 19 (swoon)
Adrianne Palicki returns Feb. 2 (she's in the last two episodes of the season)
Zach Gilford returns Jan. 5 for one episode and then returns for the finale Feb. 9
Jesse Plemons returns in the finale Feb. 9
Veronica: How about some news on Brothers & Sisters?
Gilles Marini sure makes it sound like something big is in store for his character at the end of the current season. "Where the writers are taking the show and my character, I couldn't hope for a better writing," he tells us. "So I'm excited to show the world what the end of season five will be because I know already." The last time an actor bragged he knew the end of a show, he ended up dead on an island with a dog by his side. Here's hoping Gilles' character meets a sexier and, you know, not-so-dead fate!

Elle: Anything on the new eps of Parks and Recreation?
Love is in the air! When P-Rex returns Jan. 20, look for sparks to fly between just about everyone: Ron and Tom's ex-wife, Ron and his own ex-wife, Leslie and Ben (Adam Scott), Anne and übermensch Chris Traeger (Rob Lowe), Andy and April, and many more. We've seen the first six eps and they are delightful—especially the flu-centric ep, which puts Amy Poehler's doofy good humor to delirious good use.

Joey: Cougar Town, puh-leeze!
Tyrese is headed to Cougar Town! Oh goodness, look what we did there. Not that Tyrese, just a tattooed dude named Tyrese who bonds with Laurie after she realizes she's too old to go clubbing. We say whatevs to this because Busy Philipps is hotter than ever and totally young, but it's still fun to watch her mourn the loss of her dancin' days.

Heather: How about something on No Ordinary Family? I'm digging that show!
Hearing good things about episode 11, which stars the first boy I ever took a photo of with my Smurf camera back in the day (a photo of the TV screen, which um, didn't turn out so well): Rick Schroder. I'm told Jim (Michael Chiklis) saves him from a bus hit and the families become friends—until there's a twist regarding some art heists. But the coolest part of the episode is what happens between a certain "watcher" villain, our dear friend Stephen Collins and Katie. You fans will likey!

Duncan: White Collar?
Look for Tim DeKay to sport a fabulous mustache when White Collar returns in January. Why, you ask? Well, says DeKay himself, "That's a flashback episode where Peter wore a mustache for a few months...I did get to ride a horse, which is fun. You'll learn how Peter and Neal (Matthew Bomer) met, you'll learn more about what's behind the music box and who's pulling all the string—what the music box opens up and what you see and what comes about from that, it's pretty awesome. It's priceless."

Keenan: Psych?
Dulé Hill tells us, "We have Aggie the Polar Bear [coming up]. And then we have the season finale, which is the return of the Yin-Yang trilogy. We have Ally Sheedy, Mena Suvari and then we find out who Mr. Yin is. I can't tell you that." Forget Mr. Yin, we want to know more about this polar-bear business! For the record, Dulé's partner-in-crimesolving James Roday teases, "Shawn and Gus have to save a polar bear, which may or may not be framed for murder." Comedy. Gold.

Jada: Any scoop on Covert Affairs? It was my fave show of the summer, and I'm running out of Annie-Auggie fanfic to keep me busy until new episodes!
Ha! We actually just caught up with Piper Perabo and Chris Gorham at USA's A More Perfect Union event at the New York Public Library, and we asked about those two because we're curious as well. Piper told us, "Chris and I hope [things happen between Annie and Auggie]. We keep trying to turn up the heat but the writers keep trying to keep a lid on it, so hopefully." And Chris said, "I think it's a potential long-term story arc for sure. I think right now, we're very happy with what their relationship is—they really rely on each other. They're the only two people that they can trust in that agency."

Kate: I miss Hank Moody! Exactly how much trouble is he going to be in next season?
When Californication's fourth season kicks off on Jan. 9, Hank Moody is in a lot of trouble. Did we say a lot? We mean a lot! Oh the hazards of sleeping with a 16-year-old delinquent, writing a book about it and being tossed in the slammer. There is good news for Hank's legal woes and us TV viewers: Carla Gugino is truly awesome as Hank's no-nonsense lawyer.

Eloise: Getting so excited for the return of Southland in January! Any scoop?
Southland's first episode back is gangbusters. They are actually busting gangs, of course, but there are also huge twists in store for two of our faves, including Shawn Hatosy's Sammy, that blow up the whole season. As Shawn just told us, "The beauty of what's going on this season is that Sammy needs to lean on someone because he's going through a real tough time, and he's got his partner [Kevin Alejandro as Nate] to help." Awww, bromance. Also in the premiere? You'll find out why cops might want to take off their bulletproof vests when facing down a bank robber spraying a city street with semiautomatic weapons fire, and well, it's so cool.

@yoli_21 (via Twitter): Any scoop on Fringe?
We already told you that Fringe was planning a flashback showcasing young Olivia for episode 15, but we've just learned that the episode will also include a young Peter. You don't suppose those two ever met as children, do you? Hmmm...

@fazlyms (via Twitter): Modern Family?
Jay (Ed O'Neill) and Manny (Rico Rodriguez) will bond over dating younger women—of course, the generation gap between Manny and girl involves cultural touchstones like, oh, Barney, and Jay and Gloria's situation involves old-age pensions—but still, those two boys manage find common ground.

James: Boardwalk Empire rules! Any info on season two?
Production on season two of Boardwalk Empire begins on Jan. 31 in New York City and runs through August; the show is taking a page from Sons of Anarchy with an IRA-linked character from Belfast named Declan, as well as continuing to explore Arnold Rothstein's Jewish-American organized crime syndicate through a new tough named Manny Horvitz. All we really care about is more Richard Harrow (Jack Huston) and Jimmy (Michael Pitt), but that's a discussion for another day.

One final note: I'm currently looking for a spring intern to help us out over here at Watch With Kristin. If you love TV, can receive college credit (that's a must) and live in the Los Angeles area (also a must...sorry, Tel Aviv!) please email with your résumé.

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