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Dani: Looking for scoop on The Office, please! Could John Krasinski's real-life wife be coming to Dunder Mifflin? We just caught up with Emily Blunt at the Gulliver's Travels junket, and she tells us she's totally interested in an Office gig: "I'm like clawing at the door. Oh yeah, I would love to do it! They're like, 'No, sorry.' John obviously has some loyalty to Jenna Fischer, I guess. I'm just aiming too high…" Who says E.B. has to be a love interest for Jim? Why not another potential final True Love for Michael Scott? I just don't want him alone after his epic flub-up with Holly.

Cathy in Coronado: The upcoming Survivor: Redemption Island sounds totally cool, but what happened to the rumors that the season was going to be Boston Rob vs. Russell?
Keep the faith, sister-pants. True, Jeff Probst didn't mention the archenemies when he previewed the 22nd season (which premieres Feb. 16), but remember, the exciting new twist centers around a duel. And riddle me this: What were both Rob and Russell doing in the Nicaragua finale's studio audience...and why was Rob overheard comparing L.A.'s recent showers to Nicaragua's rainy season?

Helen: OK, what is up with Leighton Meester leaving Gossip Girl? Is she really leaving?
Since so many of you are still asking about this, we should let you know the latest from Lay-Lay. (She once awesomely questioned my choice of pants with what "clearly is a dress" so I consider us BFFs and on a nickname basis.) The lowdown is this: My E! Online colleague Marc Malkin asked her how much longer she'll be on the show, and she said, "Two more years." Then, when we met up with Leighton late last week, she was a bit more cautious, saying: "I don't know. I can't predict the future. I have no idea. And now everyone's asking me because you [Malkin] asked me the other day! Everyone's like, 'You're leaving.' I'm not, I don't know. Our contracts are up in two years. I mean you never know. I don't know what'll happen." So there is one rumor we can shoot down: Leighton is not leaving the show to join Psychic Friends Network. Also, I sorta heart this girl all the more for speaking her mind—whether it's about shirts-versus-dresses or contracts.

@EJMorrell (via Twitter): Here's a question: Why oh why is Eureka not coming back until the summer?!
As star Colin Ferguson told us earlier this month, "We'd love to be on a show that aired year-round, or 22 episodes. So the fans' feelings are echoed [but we] don't have same resources as a major network." What did you guys think of the Christmas episodes?

Monica: Glee me! I'm hoping for some Brittana scoop! Will they ever get together as was promised?
How's this for a Christmas gift for you!? A source who insists they be called "Santittany" tells me that there will be developments between Brittany and Santana. And soon. And that should make Heather Morris herself very happy! We just talked to her about her new Flirt! cosmetics endorsement deal, and when asked about Brittany and Santana hooking up, she said, "Oh God…not that I know of. But I hope so. I miss [Santana]! We have such good stuff. It's not that I don't love mine and Artie's relationship but…" Speaking of that pairing, Lea Michele told us, "I love Artie and Brittany. And oh my God, he sings a song to her in the Valentine's Day episode that is adorable so I'm really loving them right now. " However, when we asked Heather what that song might be, she said, "I don't think I can reveal that. And I actually don't know because the episode just changed." Hmmm…

Stella: I'm so excited for the Super Bowl episode! Tell me everything!
HeMo reveals, "We're going to think that I'm not [in the "Thriller" number], but then I am in the end." Can't wait!

Sara in Dearborn, Michigan: Are Serena and Ben going to be together and what's going to happen with Dan and Blair, are they going to be together?
There's definitely more to Ben's story, as he'll be sticking around longer than his obnoxo-socks sister Juliet (Katie Cassidy) so look for some sparkage to fly. As for Dan and Blair, I am bound and gagged, but FYI to you who sent me "lovely" messages regarding my last mention of them, I'm really not a Dan and Blair shipper, I just liked their chemistry as a sleuthy spy team. In fact, I'm not a G.G. shipper at all. I have far greater G.G. issues to occupy my mind. Like how I can incorporate Taylor Momsen's look into my Mommy and Me playdate outfits. Thoughts?

Source: E!Online

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