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Adams TV Teasers - Issue 4 - SpoilerTV Exclusive

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Hey Guys,

I know it's Xmas Holidays so we're all a bit spoiler deprived, but I have some stuff for you here :)

Adam's TV Teasers: 16/12/10

How I Met Your Mother

6.16 is entitled 'Desperation Day.'
There is a new, possibly recurring character being introduced called Sarah, who is a work colleague of Robin. She is described as beautiful, spirited and funny, and spends a lot of Valentines Day celebrating with Barney.

Criminal Minds

Episode 6.16 is entitled 'Coda.'
There is a guest star role for the episode that is described as an 'Autistic Piano Player.' He witnesses his parent's abduction, helped by his brilliant knowledge of who comes into the family music store.

No Ordinary Family

There is a possibly recurring, but definetely guest starring Sexy Supervillain coming up, who has the power of love. Described as a 'Black Widow' she can lure any man and get them to do all her dirty work. The producers are looking for a 'star name' for the role.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour

1.13 is the season finale and entitled 'Death by a Thousand.'
Two smaller roles caught my eyes by the fact that they are decribed as having 'HEAVY EMOTION.' In caps!
Also, there is an important guest star, Stahl, who is described as a former prison guard who is obsessed with death and has a God Complex.

The Event

My guess would be we're heading to Japan, or Japan is heading to us as there are three 'additional' roles for the episode, The Japanese Prime Minister and two Translators, one for the President and one for the Prime Minister. Sounds serious, huh!


Some smaller casting news, as they are casting two 18 year olds who are described as 'nerdy' and 'smart aleks. Rumour has it they get up to some 'making fun of' Naomi.

The Mentalist

3.15 is entitled 'Red Gold.'
We're heading to the mines for this episode, as the producers are hunting for someone to play 'Dave Puttock,' who is described as outdoorsy and runs a small mining supplies business and is 'blinded by greed.'
The whole episode deals with characters related to a 'new gold rush.'

Cougar Town

The guys are heading back to the past in a flashback episode that features kid versions of Jules, Laurie, Travis, Ellis, Andy, Grayson & Bobby.

Hawaii 5-0

1.15 is entitled 'Kai e' e''.
A tsunami is on the loose, and to make matters wotse the head of the tsunami department is missing. The team finds themselves depending on second in command and guest star 'Deputy Lee.'
The episode also focuses on a 19 year old on the hunt for her missing father, a computer hacker and a captain who may not have the 'best intentions.'


7.16 is entitled 'The Untouchable.'
The episode features Tessa, a former law firm assistant now living on the streets. After she witnesses a murder, she seeks out help from the team, but does she know too much?
Also featuring is a 'too damm charming' gentlemen's club manager who regrets letting the police gain access to his facility.
The official synopsis goes as follows: Haunted by the memory of a murder, a young homeless woman
seeks out Mac Taylor... intruiging!


Apparently they're remaking Dallas, and we have an official synopsis of the pilot: The battle of next generation Ewings continues unabated, as Bobby's son Chris, proponent of alternative energy, clashes with J.R.'s son John, an oilman to the core...


There is a scene where Young Peter gets angry at a nurse for not letting him outside, he's too ill and is not allowed to leave the room. Haven't we seen something like this before :P?


3.15 is entitled 'The Final Nail.'
The episode revolves around the murder of Julia Westlake, who was an interior designer.
Key to the episode are Simon Campbell, Julia's ex husband with a dislike for hi ex's new hubby, and Morris, a 'large guy with a heavy Russian accent.'

Modern Family

2.15 is entitled 'Two Monkies and a Panda.'

Thanks for Reading, Speak soon.

Twitter: AdDHarris

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