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Supernatural - The Missing (Winchester) Brother

I am thoroughly enjoying the arc of Supernatural this season, especially with the turn of events that recently happened. We know who has taken responsibility for bringing Grandpa out of heaven. We know who lays claim to both pulling Sammy from the cage and knowing where his MIA soul is. Answers, we have answers! But the one area we have yet to even have a mention of is what happened to Adam.

Like any true Winchester, Adam's life was not a bed of roses. He had an absent father who dropped in once in a while and a mother who worked long hours just to support them. John's dreams of keeping Adam out of the hunting life and safe were all for nil since the ghouls came after him anyway. Adam and his mom were killed long before Dean and Sam even knew he existed. But the family reunion wasn't going to be over before it began, since the angels sought fit to raise him from the dead to be their perfect Plan B in the whole vessel battle. And so, he was pulled down into the pit along with Lucifer!Sam. While Sam's body is back on Earth, his soul is either still trapped in the cage or waiting in Purgatory until the whole Crowley plan goes as requested. And Adam is...where? That's the big question. Perhaps there are only two options left at this point.

Adam's Soul Is Still In The Cage: This is the saddest option since it means Adam's possibly been tortured for as long as Sam has. Adam is a broken soul, sacrificed for a battle that wasn't even his to begin with. While, if Sammy's soul is right there in the cage with him, it means he's had his big brother along for the ride, it's not necessarily a ride we'd wish anyone to be on.

Michael Put His Soul Back In Heaven Before Taking Over His Body: Not that Michael exuded any kind of compassion in his interactions, but we can hold out hope that he didn't necessarily need Adam sticking around to utilize his body after permission was given. So, it's likely he could have sent Adam's soul straight back to heaven while he took the vessel for a spin.

The bottom line is that I just want some kind of mention of the Winchesters' missing brother. Dean has said time and again how much family means to them. Adam seemed to be just as important to them as any other person that shared their blood, and even a few that became honorary Winchesters along the way. If that still holds true, then why has there been no mention of their little brother so far? Two people jumped into that pit and only one came back. I'm sure the audience would appreciate some acknowledgment of that fact.

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