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Nikita - Episode 1.09 - One Way - Review

WOW! Last night’s episode of Nikita is by far the best episode yet!

In ‘One Way’, we took a look back at Michael’s past and discover that he once had a wife and daughter. Both were killed in an explosion. Nearly ten years later, Michael is given the opportunity by Percy to finally bring down their killer, Kaseem. Then came the moment fans were waiting for, Michael and Nikita finally working together on a mission.

Sadly for Michael, the mission didn’t quite go according to plan. Percy spots that Nikita and Michael are working together so sends a team over to bring down Nikita which ruins the mission. Nikita then stops Michael from getting revenge on Kaseem which means he now hates her just as much as Percy *sad face*. She was doing it for the right reasons though, if he had killed Kaseem at the airport he would have been shot down immediately by security.

The emotion between Nikita and Michael this episode was incredible. I never realised just how deep their feelings were for each other. Shane West is really shining in this role, his acting has been amazing. The episode had plenty of emotional moments. The worst was when Michael watched his wife and daughter get blown up. I nearly cried during that scene. The emotion on this show is one of the reasons I love it so much. On a show like Nikita it is easy to forget to include the human side but Nikita does not lack in this at all!

Back at Division, Alex went on a mission to find Michael’s tracking number. After the doctor caught her and she knocks him unconscious, she is forced to set up Jaden into backing the story up that the Doctor attacked Alex so Jaden then went in and injected him. Crafty work Alex.

Overall, this episode has opened up so many opportunities for the show. It was full of suspense, emotion and was unpredictable (another thing I love about this show). The only disappointment for me came at the very end where we discover Michael now hates Nikita just as much as Percy (Which was probably Percy’s plan all along). I’m sure Michael’s feelings for Nikita still exist though. When Nikita told Alex that she found him and then lost him at the very end I had another tear in my eye! So touching.

The fact we have to wait three weeks for the next episode upsets me. I want to know what happens next! Alex has nearly been caught a few times now, are they more suspicious? Will Percy have full faith in Michael again? Do Michael’s feelings for Nikita still exist?