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Mega Buzz - Various Shows - 24th November 2010

Thanks to Bruce_F for the heads up.

Will Callie's hookup with Mark come back to haunt her when Arizona returns on Grey's Anatomy? — Sharlene
NATALIE: Here's the good news: "Callie and Arizona will be back together soon," executive producer Shonda Rhimes says simply, adding that Arizona will soon show up on Callie's doorstep. "[The breakup] was a way to jump-start the next phase of their storyline." The bad news? Oh wait, this is good news, too! "Mark is her best friend, they slept together before, so it's just recycling. Two people having sex does not necessarily mean that they're in love, or that they're going to be together, or that it means anything."

I am dying for some Vampire Diaries scoop. Can you help? — Valerie
ADAM: Klaus is comin' to town. The oft-mentioned member of the Originals is described as handsome, charming, and 1,000 years old. We sense a Klaus-Damon snark-off coming. Klaus' immediate plans will involve Alaric, whom Klaus will force to work for him when he kidnaps and feasts on Jenna. (Can't that girl ever catch a break?)

Any scoop on the upcoming Olivia switch on Fringe? — Alyssa
NATALIE: The switch-back takes place in next week's episode, and the transition is matter-of-fact. It just kind of happens. That said, one main character will sacrifice his or her life to make sure the switch takes place. On a show with two of nearly everyone, this might not seem like such a big deal, but the death is surprisingly sad.

Got any new details on NCIS? — Bradley
ADAM: Thomas Calabro has one of the hardest-working agents in town: The former Melrose Place star, who recently signed on to play a murder suspect on Castle, will also appear in a January episode of NCIS. He'll play Sam Feeney, a charismatic businessman who runs a high-end billiards club. (No, not Shooters!) A former military officer, he's also tough enough to deal with unruly regulars when they get out of hand.

You must tell me who is getting engaged on Bones! — Melanie
ADAM: First, executive producer Stephen Nathan has only promised a proposal during February sweeps. As for which couple might be getting engaged, I offer this potential clue: Elon Gold returns as Dr. Paul Lidner, Cam's potential love interest, in early February. The only problem with that theory: I'm hearing that Cam might have cold feet.

Loved Aquaman's return to Smallville! Anyone else coming back? — Jo
NATALIE: Add both Hawkman and the Black Canary to the list of supers we'll see before the series ends. It's too soon to say anything definitive about such other Justice League members as Cyborg and Bart Allen, but Kara's return is "up in the air," according to executive producer Brian Peterson.

When are we going to get some more Castle-Beckett goodness on Castle? — Samantha
ADAM: After the winter break, you're definitely going to see the duo go at it — just not in the way you might want. When one of Castle's old friends from prep school is suspected in his wife's murder, Castle and Beckett's friendly partnership is put to the test. "Beckett is convinced that Castle's friend is guilty of this crime, and Castle, who's known this guy and really looked up to him, can't conceive that he was the murderer," creator Andrew W. Marlowe tells us. "We uncover some secrets about the guy's past and challenge Castle's point of view, but you get to see Beckett and Castle on completely opposite sides of an investigation."

Any scoop on Bizzy's return to Private Practice? — Campbell
NATALIE: Addison's mother, who is played by JoBeth Williams, will have a thing or two to say about her daughter's boyfriend. "Bizzy likes Sam a great deal, but I don't necessarily know that Bizzy likes Sam when he's with Addison," executive producer Shonda Rhimes says. "Bizzy's return is going to have a very big effect on Addison and it will leave her with a lot of interesting things to deal with."

What's coming up for Lux and Eric on Life Unexpected? — Grace
NATALIE: Things aren't looking so good for the student-teacher relationship in next week's Thanksgiving-themed episode. "Lux kisses someone other than Eric," executive producer Liz Tigelaar teases. We'd say "uh-oh," but isn't it better that she's no longer kissing her teacher?

The return of Walter Mashburn on The Mentalist, was pure awesome — and not just because he and Lisbon got down and dirty! Is he due to make another appearance this season? — Rachel
ADAM: That doesn't seem to be in the cards, Rachel. "Probably not this year," creator Bruno Heller tells us, noting that Mashburn's fling with Lisbon was likely just that. "Lisbon is a very unsentimental character. As she indicated at the end of that episode, she's happy to have a bit of human contact, but she's kind of a lone wolf in that respect. It just shows that there is a softer side to her and she needs love and companionship like anyone else, but then she just moves on," he says.

90210 scoop, please! — Dakota
NATALIE: Looks like Adrianna is getting a reality show! We're hearing that the powers that be are looking for an actor to play Giles, a sleazy Hollywood know-it-all who is the producer of said show. If Adrianna running off to clubs instead of comforting Navid in his time of need hasn't driven him away yet, I bet this will.

What can you tell me about the Sons of Anarchy finale? — Taylor
ADAM: Well, it's a finale, so you can expect lots of bloodshed, and two familiar faces in particular end up on the losing end of that equation. Also, the letters that Maureen hid in Jax's bag back in Belfast will be discovered — but not by Jax.

Source: TV Guide

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