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HOUSE returns this coming Monday night with an all-new episode and an extra shot of estrogen, when guest star Amber Tamblyn makes her debut as Martha Masters, a new third year med student who’s hired to join the team and go toe to toe with House. We caught up with Tamblyn and got her to dish on her character and how she’s going to challenge House in a way he’s not used to:

FAA: How does your character, Martha, get introduced to House?
Amber: “Martha’s introduction to House is I guess a unique one. I feel like people, characters on the show often push back against House, that’s kind of the ritual of the show, but for her it really comes from not as much an intellectual place even though she does say it’s intellectual – it’s a very genuine, new feeling for her to come into this environment and to work with someone who she says, you know, is a legend. She says that, House is a legend. So she’s here working with him but suddenly she’s finding this person, this other side of House that she didn’t know about which is this person who breaks the rules, who does what’s best for the patient, which is not always honest, so for her it’s really sort of going up against that.”

FAA: What can we expect to see in the first episode?
Amber: “In this first episode where Martha’s introduced, she has to learn the difference between being honest with a patient and doing what’s best for a patient and she goes with her honesty and integrity and House does not, and they really clash in that way. She definitely is the opposite of him in the way that she thinks.”

FAA: So how would you say Martha and House relate to one another, and how’s that going to challenge House?
Amber: “Martha relates to House on an IQ level in the sense that they are both very brilliant only he’s a very negative person in a lot of ways and she’s very peppy and excited to be there and so they sort of clash at certain points but at the same time when they’re trying to figure something out it’s like, you know, two of the best brains working together.”

FAA: So aside from Martha being brilliant, how else would you describe her?
Amber: “She is someone who is incredibly smart and very much socially awkward and often makes jokes that no one else can understand, jokes about fungus. She’s a crazy non sequitur, her brain just doesn’t, you know, link up in the ways that ours do so when they were describing it to me I thought, “Wow that’s kind of really brilliant to bring someone in that is as much in their own world of integrity and intelligence in the way that House is, you know, but in an opposite way.”

FAA: How would you describe the dynamics between Martha and Cuddy?
Amber: “The dynamic between Cuddy and Martha is very interesting. From what I gather Martha is sort of a young Cuddy, which is one of the reasons she was interested in presenting her to House – because Martha reminded her of a lot of herself. So for her this is really about House opening up to a new person that is just as smart but again will challenge him.”

Watch the clash of the “masters” and catch an all-new episode of HOUSE, this Monday night, November 8th at 8 ET/PT on FOX.

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