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HIMYM: 'Canning Randy'; Not my Forte

I'll be honest - I didn't really enjoy 'Canning Randy' at all. There was virtually nothing that was funny, apart from Robin's disappointed '..crap' at being caught by the guys, and the advert for adult nappies itself which was both gross and hilarious.

I just find it hard to laugh at an episode which uses such a cheap gag as 'Warmpess' beer, a joke so obvious and awful it felt like torture when the joke was used repeatedly throughout the episode (and the terrible viral video that was cut from the show). Will Forte himself was given far too much screen time - the character of Randy was mildly funny as Barney's Rebound Bro back in the episode of the same name, but here he just didn't appeal to me at all. I'm not entirely sure what he was on the show to be promoting or whether he was simply a piece of stunt casting off of the Macgruber movie (though why that would happen I don't know).

And though I enjoyed Zoey in 'Architect of Destruction', nothing that happened with her and Ted rang true at all. Zoey magically showing up in the class and dragging all the students out to protest wasn't a very interesting storyline and there didn't seem to be any kind of payoff to make the awkwardness worthwhile. I can only imagine with the way they left things that Ted will have more showdowns with Zoey. If this is the way her storyline is gonna continue, I hope to GOD she's not the mother.

Elsewhere not even Barney, Marshall or Lily could really bring in the funny. Lily behaved so unteacher-like compared to how we've seen her behave before. It wasn't goofy like in other episodes where she's fallen asleep or something - she just came across as a bored babysitter. And though the Becky character was funny at first, the joke has worn off now and she's just irritating.

Just an all round disappointing episode. Shame.

What did everyone else think?

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