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Dexter - Episode 5.10 - In The Beginning - Review

Looking for more on tonight's Dexter? My review of "In The Beginning" is now available. Here's an excerpt:

Dexter Morgan's in an increasingly tougher place after last week's Dexter: not only is his newest target, self-help guru Jordan Chase, starting to get suspicious of Dexter's attention, but Dex was also reminded that his family life can't always be handed off to others, when Astor brought an abused friend to his doorstep. The list of demands being placed on our favorite serial killer has never been a short one.
You can read the full review here. Full show coverage is available in the Dexter category at Digital Airwaves (though there may be a slight delay as the site comes back from a post-holiday tidying up; should those links not work, you can also view the review at my Examiner column here).

Brittany Frederick


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