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Desperate Housewives - Episode 7.08 - Sorry Grateful - Review

It was Thanksgiving in Wisteria Lane last night as the show returned for another episode 'Sorry Grateful'.

The episode was a bit short on the humour this week although Gabby, as usual, did not fail to deliver. I love her little banters with Carlos. After they had a argument, Hector drove Gabby to the bakery but was pulled over by the police. We then discover that Grace's parents are illegal immigrants. I loved this shocking twist in the story, I don't know about anyone else but I really did not see it coming. What do we all think about Gabby possibly adopting Grace? I would love to see the issues it causes between Juanita and Gabby.

After Bree managed to make a fool of herself last week when she met Keith's parents, his mum came over to apologise and Bree invited the family to Thanksgiving after giving advice to Keith's mum that she should tell her husband how she feels. Over dinner, this led to his parents deciding to get a divorce (Only on Desperate Housewives). I'm still not convinced by Bree's love for Keith, I just don't think she loves him. I wonder if anything will happen between her and Keith's dad.

Lynette and Susan had a disagreement over how to care for Paige and whether or not she should be comforted when she cries which ultimately led to another touching scene between Lynette and Susan when she revealed how much she misses Mike (who I also miss). I don't know why, but this story is starting to bore me a bit. I do like how close it has made Lynette and Susan though.

Overall, a pretty uneventful episode and a bit of a filler but still good! The episode would have definitely lacked without the twist with Grace's family. I also liked how they are now making Beth question her mother and her own sanity? Does this put Felicia's plan at risk? Can't wait to see.