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Desperate Housewives - Episode 7.06 - Excited and Scared - Recap

Last night's episode of Desperate Housewives was on fire!

In 'Excited and Scared' we see the residents of Wistera Lane prepare for Halloween. Things only get worse for Susan when she loses her job after news reaches the school about her activities online. Mike then takes the decision to move to Alaska for three months to work with a friend. I just feel so much for Susan. Things are just getting worse and worse for Susan and now she is alone without Mike, is she more vulnerable?

Thing's also get tougher for Gabby as her relationship with Grace, her biological daughter, starts to affect her relationship with Juanita forcing Carlos to take action and tell Gabby to stop seeing Grace. I am finding this storyline so touching. It will be interesting to see how Gabby copes now Juanita has revealed she's not a fan of Grace.

I just wanted to jump into the scream and give Tom a big hug this episode! His mum's mental state got worse and after some convincing from Lynette and seeing his mum slap Lynette he was forced to send her to an assisted living facility. All of these scenes were very moving. I think a lot of the audience will be able to relate to this storyline and it adds a real human touch to the show which I love.

Last but not least, Bree and Keith grow even closer after they both reveal secrets to each other. Bree reveals she has alcohol troubles and Keith reveals that he has been arrested in the past for assault when men try and hit on his girlfriends. I'm still not quite sure what I make of this couple! They are a very odd pairing. Keith is certainly in love but I'm not convinced that Bree has the same feelings.

Overall, this was another spectacular episode from Desperate Housewives which is an excellent season so far! It's great to see a show still have so much life and fresh stories after seven years. I was surprised they moved so quickly with Tom and his mum. I would have liked to see this storyline develop over a few episodes rather than just the one. Apart from that, this episode was awesome! Desperate Housewives has gone back to how it started and I am loving it!