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Anna Silk interview with AfterEllen on Lost Girl & Being Erica

AfterEllen.com: Did you know you have such a huge lesbian fanbase?
Anna Silk: Yes, actually! The character on Being Erica seemed to strike a chord with a lot of people. But I'm so happy to hear that people have been writing about Lost Girl, too. I think that's really really great! I see that people are discussing the relationships and the characters and I love that those discussions have been generated.

AE: When you were starting on the show, how big of a part was Bo's bisexuality? Or was it something that just happened because you prey on both males and females.
AS: It was there from the very beginning. It's one of the things I loved about this character because it wasn't quite so simple and I loved that Michelle Lavretta created the show and created this character. She is an amazing writer and creates amazing characters and I really liked Bo from the very beginning.

AE: On a lot of supernatural shows, like True Blood, the supernatural characters have sort of a pansexuality about them. Is the bisexuality specific to Bo on the show or is it a characteristic of all faes?
AS: That's a good question, but I think right now it's just Bo, as far as Bo knows. I'm sure she'll meet some more people along the way, but that's just something that's specific to Bo at this time.

AE: Can you give us any idea if there will ever be something more than friendship between Bo and Lauren?
AS: It's definitely leaning more into that direction. They have, from the very start, they have a spark from the very beginning. The show is definitely going that direction — I don't want to give away too much. But it's definitely something that will be explored further.

AE: So is Lauren a lesbian?
AS: Yeah, I think that there's no, we've never seen enough of her history to really know. But she is interested in Bo from the very beginning and Bo is interested in her. They have an instant chemistry. Yeah, I would say she is a lesbian.

AE: Here's a question from one of our readers: In what ways are you similar to Bo?
AS: A lot of ways, actually. Bo is a succubus, she's not human — she's part of this whole fae world and she's a sexual creature. But I think the parts that I related to right away with Bo is she's extremely strong but she's also very very vulnerable. This world is completely new to her so what was really nice for me as the actor was that I got to learn along with Bo, because we entered this world at the same time. So huge and vast and new and scary and exciting! So similarity comes from being really scared a lot of the time, having to be a really strong woman and stand up for yourself and make your voice heard and I think that's very similar to me. I think we're similar in that way.

AE: Do you identify as bisexual at all?
AS: Do I personally? No. I'm not bisexual.

AE: Just thought I'd ask! So when it came to Being Erica, how did you come into playing Cassidy, Erica's ex-girlfriend?
AS: I love the show. It was in its first season then, and I auditioned for it. What I liked about Cassidy was Erica is this really strong character, a really great character, and Cassidy comes along as her — someone who can actually make Erica feel a certain way. She was really strong and they had a real and honest relationship. There were real feelings involved — it wasn't just a side thing. It was a very real thing to Erica and to Cassidy.

Erin, who plays Erica, is great to work with and we just had a really nice connection. And we're still friends. I still talk to her. It's such an honest and real relationship and that's what you want as an actor — you want to play those types of relationships. I really loved that character and I was so glad it seemed to resonate with a lot of people. It was really nice for me because I got a lot of Facebook messages from young woman saying they loved the character on TV and really enjoyed that performance which meant a lot to me.

AE: And that show has made its way to the U.S. so we'll eventually see the appearance you made on the current season in Canada. But will we be seeing you more on the show at all?
AS: I don't know actually!

AE: Another question from a fan: Do you share Dyson's concerns about Lauren's loyalty?
AS: Yes, I do, but I also don't always — as much as Bo connects with both Lauren and Dyson for different reasons, I don't necessarily put all of my trust into what these characters tell me. She does trust them to a degree but I think she is also very stubborn and would rather sort of follow her own path than listen to Dyson.

AE: What is your fanbase like?
AS: It's been interesting because I live in the U.S. and it's airing in Canada and all the buzz in in Canada, so everything I found from fans is from reading a few blogs and getting the fan response from there. But I love that it's generated a discussion about Team Dyson and Team Lauren and everyone has something interesting and unique to say about it.

AE: What else can you tell us about the rest of this season?
AS: I don't know what I can say! There is definitely more exploration with both the Lauren relationship and the Dyson relationship. There's more to come too — Bo's big search is about her past and to find out who her parents were and why she was abandoned and why she didn't know she was part of this world so that's something else that still has to come this season, which I think viewers will really like.
Source: After Ellen