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Mega Buzz - Various Shows - 13th October 2010

I love Halloween episodes! Tell me about Modern Family's. — Denis
MICKEY: It'll focus on a horror of another sort: Gloria's accent! "She tries to fix her accent, but of course that doesn't happen," Sofia Vergara tells us. Ariel Winter, who plays Gloria's brainy niece Alex, adds: "Gloria takes on some new weird way of speaking." Since "Ay, Manny!" is already my favorite non sequitur exclamation, I can't wait to see what rich verbal stylings Mrs. Delgado-Pritchett will serve up next.

Can you give me some scoop about Danno on Hawaii Five-0? — Nikki
ADAM: Tired of his ex-wife's angry phone calls? Get ready to meet her! The show is looking for a British actress to play the role, but don't worry, she'll still be plenty angry. In fact, she's livid when Danny and McGarrett show up to use her home as a command center. Over the course of the stakeout, the team will realize that the tension between Danno and his ex is sexual.

Who's the bad guy on The Event? — Sam and Emily
MICKEY: That's what I want to know! Sterling (Zeljko Ivanek), the shifty director of national intelligence, seemed like the early favorite, but this week's episode introduced us to Dempsey (Hal Holbrook), Carter and Vicky's boss — or at least his voice. I'm hearing that we'll learn a lot about Dempsey's large, private, international conglomerate that is government-like in its scope, with a vested interest in the detainees of Inastranka.

Any good Grey's Anatomy intel on McSteamy? — Julia
ADAM: Mark and Callie's friendship will again cause some problems for Callie and Arizona, who becomes so desperate that she begs Teddy to use her feminine wiles to distract Mark.

Doesn't it seem like everyone knows everyone's secrets on The Vampire Diaries? I wish there were more "innocents" in the cast now. — William
MICKEY: Well, I've got bad news, William. There's going to be a new guy in Mystic Falls soon, and to paraphrase the bard Spears, he's not that innocent. He's a huge fan of the dark arts — and specifically, he knows an awful lot about the Bennett family. Put another way, Bonnie is getting a groupie, and she's not happy about it at all!

What can you tell me about Jo Danville's adopted kid on CSI: NY? — Mark
ADAM: It's a girl! While the character was originally said to have adopted a boy from a woman she helped put away, the show actually cast That's So Raven's Sydney Park. "We saw a lot of great actors, but felt that we were leaping too soon in casting a boy," executive producer Pam Veasey tells us. "We opened up the casting to a daughter, too, and found a dynamite actress in Sydney. We felt it was important to make our priority finding a talented child of any race or gender."

I hate all the couples on 90210 right now. Please tell me they'll be breaking up soon. — Anna
MICKEY: Your charm is infectious, Anna, really! While I can't speak to the sanctity of the current love matches in the zip code, I will ask you this: Why the heck is Naomi spending so much time at the beach... learning how to surf? To impress a guy, obviously. The bad news: She'll need Ivy's help, and we all know how well they get along.

I can't wait for Smallville's 200th episode! What can you tell me about it? — Tyler
ADAM: While Clark takes a trip down memory lane with the surprisingly helpful Brainiac 5 (James Marsters), it's his trip to the future that will most help him become the Man of Steel. What Clark sees "galvanizes his confidence," executive producer Brian Peterson says. "He comes out [of the episode] as the leader that we know Superman to be. His leadership skills sort of jump up to the next level and that sort of maintains all the way through the rest of the season," adds executive producer Kelly Souders.

Paul's wife's big secret is that she's a virgin? I was hoping for something juicier. Come on, Desperate Housewives! — Tory
MICKEY: Well, hope is like that river in Egypt, Tory... wait, that's not right. Hope springs eternal, Tory, because Beth's virginity isn't her only secret. Pay attention to how she talks about her relationship with her mother in upcoming episodes, and ask yourself if any of it sounds familiar.

Should we brace for more drunk Don Draper if he can't save the agency on Mad Men? — Chelsea
ADAM: Don has pulled it together as of late, but whether or not Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce goes belly up, cast member Rich Sommer thinks Don's story will continue to be somewhat grim. "If there aren't darker depths for him to go to, the show should end," Sommer says. "We thought he hit rock-bottom in Season 1, but we knew there were still things to come. Has Don Draper hit rock-bottom? I hope not."

Forget Michael leaving. What other stories will we be seeing on The Office this season? — Maureen
MICKEY: We haven't heard too much from Darryl since his promotion to management, but we will. Producers are planning an arc involving his 8-year-old daughter.

Source: TV Guide