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Latest from Kristin - Various Shows - 5th October 2010

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Gossip Girl
Marceline: I heard that Eva has some weird secret like she's a transvestite?! Is that true?
Yes, she's a maaan baby! And right after that is revealed, Henry Winkler is going to appear wearing water skis. Kidding, but Eva does have a big secret and it's that she's the same kind of working woman that Julia Roberts was in that movie about a "Beautiful Girl" (that one's for you Dwight). The best news for you Chuck and Blair fans? After tonight we will not see Eva again...Party at my place or yours?

Brenda: I'm so sick of all the bad news for Will and Emma. Could we please get a tiny sliver of good news? No matter how tiny?
Do not blink because you will see some hand-holding you don't want to miss tomorrow night! (Brief but sweet.) Also, I asked this exact question from Ryan Murphy (requesting good "Wemma" news) and he answered: "Gwyneth Paltrow is coming on the show, and even though Emma is with John Stamos' character, when she sees those two it makes him feel jealous. And that sort of launches another big, wrenching love triangle. Gwyneth will come between them, so it's a quadrangle."

Nikki in Seattle: Glee keeps getting better and better. What's next after Britney?
Tuesday night's "Grilled Cheesus" is a total 180 in terms of tone and style, as Glee leaves Britney Spears videos behind and moves on to a deeply thoughtful examination of various shades of spirituality. A family crisis for Chris Colfer's Kurt Hummel is at the center of the action, and if the TV Academy knows what's what they'll be sure to remember him when it comes time for the 2011 Emmy Awards. Also, look for some hilarity from Corey Monteith when he accepts Grilled Cheesus as his lord and savior, plus some beautiful (and overdue) Amber Riley solo work.

Grey's Anatomy
Bella in Los Angeles: Grey's scoop, please?
Caterina Scorsone (little Dreamy!) just popped by our E! News studio and revealed that there will be some sexual tension between her character and Eric Dane's (McSteamy) when she crosses over from Private Practice to Grey's Anatomy this Thursday: "They'd have to be in a church in order to behave themselves," she told me with a laugh. But Caterina is holding out for one of the hot guys on Private Practice for a real hookup for her character. Maybe Cristian de la Fuente? Would be caliente!

Kim in Las Cruces, N.M.: Supernatural. Hit me!
Hit you? Well, I should warn you I just beat the world-champion of arm-wrestling (Dot Jones of Glee), but OK...In episode four of Supernatural, "Weekend at Bobby's"—the directing debut of Jensen Ackles (squee!)—we see the return of a slew of characters: nasty Crowley, who owns Bobby's (Jim Beaver) soul; Sheriff Mills (Kim Rhodes), whose zombie son ate her hubby; and retired hunter Rufus (Steven Williams). Not appearing are Lisa (Cindy Sampson) and Ben (Nicholas Elia)—and sources confirm we won't be seeing them too much more this season. Not that we're complaining...We like our Dean unchained.

The Vampire Diaries
Jess: What's ahead on The Vampire Diaries?
Don't expect Damon and Stefan to become brothers of the BFF variety, but Ian Somerhalder tells us the two will be working together for time being. "There's camaraderie because Damon and Stefan know that in order to protect themselves, Elena (Nina Dobrev) and the town from werewolves and Katherine, they have to set these differences aside. These two have had every opportunity to kill each other and they can't do it. They love each other." Isn't it bromantic?

Cougar Town
Valerie: How are things over on Cougar Town?
Remember that time Grayson (Josh Hopkins) and Laurie (Busy Philipps) slept together? Um, yeah, so do they, and good ole Gray is about to drop that bomb on Jules (Courteney Cox). Spoiler alert via movie mashup: Keanu Reeves stars as an FBI agent who goes undercover as a surfer to try to help Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn decide who'll get the condo.

The Office
Maddie: The Office is so funny again! What's happening in Dunder Mifflin?
Amy Ryan returns to The Office in two weeks! Not full-time, but Holly Flax makes an appearance during Michael's quest to let all of the women in his life know that he has a cold sore, and thus, they may now have herpes. Jan, of course, also will make an appearance and so will Orajel. (Hey, IT dude, if you see "cold sore remedies" in my Google history, that joke is why.)

Cody: Community is the best! What's coming up?
You've heard about that Apollo 13/spaceman episode, right? Well get ready to see Joel McHale and the gang in full-on astronaut suits as Greendale Community College literally (in their own weird way, of course) goes to outer space.

Lorraine: Give me anything on Smallville's Chloe and Oliver, please! I love Chllollie.
We all miss Chloe, but sadly, accoding to a source, none of Alison Mack's handful of Smallville episodes are coming up anytime soon. Oliver (Justin Hartley) on the other hand is alive and kinda well. And remember that life-changing moment we teased a few weeks ago? Well, get ready for this: Oliver will announce to the world that he is Green Arrow. Ahhh! Are you ready, world?

Boardwalk Empire
Petra in Florida: Boardwalk Empire's Kelly MacDonald is both mousy and superhot, but I'm worried that she's going to end up in the poorhouse.
Fear not. Mrs. Margaret Schroeder is nobody's fool. She sees Nucky (Steve Buscemi) for who he really is, and uses him accordingly, much to the dismay of his main hoochie, Paz de la Huerta's Lucy. (Psst…Look for an amazing throwdown between Margaret and Lucy a few episodes down the line.)

Sons of Anarchy
Michaela in Rhode Island: I need scoop on my girl Tara on Sons of Anarchy!
There is a scene between Tara and Gemma in Tuesday night's episode that will make you scream like a girl. Especially if you are a girl.

30 Rock
Kelly in Georgia: 30 Rock me!
This week's episode is hilarious. Queen Latifah guests as a melodramatic Congresswoman (see a sneak peek of her performance here), but more importantly, when Kenneth (Jack McBrayer) tries to get his page job back, Jenna (Jane Krakowski) becomes his stage mother. (Brooke Shields' mother is going to have to resign as most famous pushy showbiz mama of all time, because Jenna will not stop until her little star gets the fame/glory/job he deserves!)

The Big Bang Theory
Ella: When is Kaley Cuoco coming back to The Big Bang Theory?
She's back, she's back! Just check out this supercute shot of Kaley (foot cast and all) back in the land of BBT—and sitting in Sheldon's spot! Accompanying the twitpic taken by show runner Bill Prady was the caption: "If you break your leg, look where you get to sit."

Mad Men
Octavia: Mad Men is amazing this season! Love all the focus on Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, even if they are failing.
The action actually shifts back to Casa Draper-Francis next week, where we're pretty sure that Sally Draper (Kieran Shipka) is up to no good. Yay for our favorite antiestablishment-hellion-hippie-to-be!

Colin in Florida: Weeds?
If you only watch one episode of Weeds this season, make it episode eight, "Gentle Puppies," which airs Oct. 11 at 10 p.m. on Showtime. While the boys are busy becoming evangelical Christian preachers, Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) is off having pornographic, premium-cable sex with Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who guest stars in the episode, appears to be channeling Joe Manganiello and is, quite simply, the hottest he has ever been.

One Tree Hill
Jenna: One Tree Hill is still awesome. Any scoop?
Clay is going to be OK and released from the hospital in the next few episodes. Nathan on the other hand is not so good and his struggle to remain in the NBA continues. As usual, Haley will be there to provide sage advice, but ultimately Nathan will have to make the choice

Life Unexpected
Britney: I love Emma Caulfield on Life Unexpected! When are she and Baze going to hook up?
Emma and Baze will finally get together in episode six, so sit tight! It's right around the corner. And while we're at it, can we just echo your "I love Emma Caulfield" sentiments? Anya forever!

Law & Order: Los Angeles
Jenny in Oregon: The first episode of L&O:LA was disappointing. I love Law & Order, though. Does it get better?
The second episode is definitely stronger. The story hits some nice Los Angeles notes with a Manson family-esque murder, and the incomparable Jay Karnes guests as a snarky lawyer. Plus we'll meet Skeet Ulrich's ex-detective wife (played by Teri Polo) when she is implicated in a wrongful-imprisonment case.

No Ordinary Family
Kim in New Orleans: No Ordinary Family helps me cope with missing both Lost and Julie Benz on Dexter. Got any scoop?
Yes! Coming up, Stephanie (the lovely Julie Benz) makes a discovery that could explain how she and her family got their powers...the Dharma initiative! (Kidding. We miss Lost too.) Julie also told me that much of her first-season story arc will be her character's struggle to halt the scientific investigation that would lead to the discovery of their powers.

Detroit 1-8-7
Bobby in San Diego: Any scoop on my new favorite show, Detroit 1-8-7?
We're feeling the love too—Michael Imperioli owns this role—so expect more behind-the-scenes goodness soon! Coming up on the show, things get personal when a girl at the high school Lt. Mason's (Aisha Hinds) daughter attends is murdered.

Running Wilde
Tabitha in Oklahoma: Love having Will Arnett back on TV on Running Wilde! Scoop?
We just caught up with Arnett and asked if his lovely wife, Parks & Recreation star Amy Poehler, might be able to guest star some day, and he told us, "I sure hope so. She'd be very very welcome. We'd love to have her." So, what kind of part might she play? Says Arnett, "She could do whatever she wants. If she wants to come on and play a serial killer, we'll figure it out." Which is funny, because a good serial-killer subplot is just what we were thinking Wilde is missing...

The Big C
Megan in Maryland: Laura Linney is my favorite. Any news on The Big C?
Next week is Cathy's birthday, and Cynthia Nixon is her birthday present! Nixon plays Rebecca, Cathy's college roommate, who has matured into a slutty pharmaceutical rep. Care to guess which character Rebecca hooks up with on top of Cathy's washing machine?

Bonnie: Hellcats, please!
Marti's balance between her Hellcats duty and Julian's (Gale Harold) law review continue to clash when she skips out on a team-building event (flag-football to be exact) to cover a conference with her sexy professor. And Lewis (Robbie Jones) ends up being so good at the game, the new football coach starts considering a potential Hellcats recruit. Dun-dun-dun!

Rachel in Canada: Caprica's back this week! Any scoop?
On Tuesday's episode, we're treated to Zoe (Alessandra Torresani) wielding a ninja sword against the cast of a Bob Fosse musical (you'll know what we mean when you see it). Suffice it to say, the fight is awesome. Meanwhile, we catch up with Amanda (Paula Malcolmson) at her hideout, and we'll learn a little more about her relationship with Sister Clarice (Polly Walker).

Source: E!Online

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