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Latest from Fancast - Various Shows - 19th October 2010

You got to see the next two episodes of ‘The Good Wife’?! There has to be some scoop for us then! – Karen
Oh yes. This week alone, Alicia is thrust into quite the legal pickle by that wily Cary; we learn why so much secrecy has surrounded Anika Noni Rose’s storyline; and thanks for some unfortunate seating arrangements, Alicia meets Will’s new girlfriend (played by ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ alumna Elisabeth Reaser). It’s not until next Tuesday, however, that Will’s date unwittingly lets slip a bit of intel on what may have went down ‘tween him and Alicia back at college.

Can you float the briefest hint about what’s up with ‘The Good Wife’s Kalinda? – TheGoodFan via Twitter
You’ve seen in the promos what she can do with a baseball bat. Well, wait until she gets her actual hands – er, make that hand – on workplace rival Blake.

You tweeted that next week’s ‘The Good Wife’ is “so freakin’ messy.” Do you mean messy as in complicated, or sloppy? – CountingToFive via Twitter
When is ‘TGW’ ever sloppy? Love this show. No, the episode in question percolates on so many delicious levels. There’s a vexing new (possible) client, a fistfight, and Alicia’s cell phone (yet again) falls into the wrong hands.

I am dying to know what the secret is between ‘Desperate Housewives’ Tom and Renee! Any clues? – Jess
I am told that the secret is no unguessable jaw-dropper (it’s not like they conspired to kill someone, or rigged the 2000 election), but that when it does trickle out during November sweeps, the fun is in who first finds out, what he or she does with that info, and who gets hurt most by it.

How about some scoop about my new favorite love triangle, ‘Desperate Housewives Bree/Keith/Renee? – sparkyfan4 via Twitter
One of the ladies is taking the boy toy on a double date. Click here to see which ‘Lost’ alum gets paired up with Keith’s dad (played by ‘Smallville’s John Schneider).

Do you have any idea for how long Bones’ “competition” (aka Hannah) will last on the show? It’s been said she would appear in at least five episodes, but are they still sticking to that initial plan? I really hope this third party is gone before the holiday break. – Amanda
Keep hoping. Though Kathryn Winnick said a few weeks back that Booth’s lady love will be around for a “handful” of episodes, judging by the scripts I’m spying, Hannah – despite having her life placed in jeopardy in the Nov. 4 outing – is very much still in play as late as Episode 9, which would air in December.

I heard that Courtney B. Vance is being made a series regular on ‘The Closer.’ Does that mean any of the current cast may be on their way off the show, to make room? – Cate
Not sure where you heard that, but you’ve been misled. A TNT spokesperson maintains that the ‘FlashForward’ alum is a “special guest star,” not a regular, and as such “there are no plans for any of the cast to leave the show.”

I read something about ‘Alias’ Rachel Nichols joining ‘Criminal Minds.’ Pleas tell me she’s not “the new JJ.” – Lorraine
Yikes, another guest-star rumor gone wild. Nichols is playing an FBI cadet who consults on a case – “a completely different kind of character,” says Thomas Gibson, snuffing any talk of there being an outright JJ replacement. her arrival is still a few weeks off.

Is ‘The Walking Dead’ good? I’m very excited for it. – Elizabeth via Facebook
It is good with a capital GOO. I’m very curious to see who tunes in for this graphic novel-inspired series, premiering Halloween night on AMC.

Got any scoop on how ‘The Office’ will replace Steve Carell? – Joy
This whole “new Office boss” speculation craze has bored me to no end, so I instead will focus on the show’s actual merits, and this Thursday’s episode guest-starring Timothy Olyphant (’Justified’) as a rival salesman (and ex of Pam’s) is very funny. The moral of the story: Never invite Meredith to participate in a sting involving a handsome man.

Regarding the ratings for last week’s ‘Smallville’: Was that the first time The CW has won a time period in the demos? – Gottara via Twitter
When it comes to the 18-to-49 demo that the other, older-skewing networks covet, it has been a long time since any CW series won that fight. So props to the Clarks!

Can you tell me if there will be a Clois kiss in this week’s ‘Smallville’ episode, “Isis”? And after “Homecoming,” Clark and Lois are now an official couple, right? – VC
There is a Clois kiss this Friday – but in this instance is “Clois” short for “Clark + Lois” or “Clark + O Mighty Isis”? Hmm. As for them being a couple, my momma always said that when a girl makes you float off the ground, she’s the one – and mind you, she was speaking figuratively.

Is Scooter (aka David Burtka) going to be on ‘How I Met Your Mother’ this season? – Kerry Anne
As of right now, there are no plans for Neil Patrick Harris’ fellow brand-new baby daddy to put in another appearance as Lily’s high school ex. (Hey, someone has to mix formula!)

Is this season of ‘V’ just 13 episodes, or 13 with a possible back nine? – P_T_Ryan via Twitter
I now see why my instincts said to hold your question for this week. ‘V’ had been working on a 13-episode order, but now the word is that ABC has cut Season 2 to just 10 episodes. This busts my boilers, I have to say, since ‘V’s return date got pushed back from November all the way to January ostensibly to not interrupt its run. Now, it’s getting truncated because there’s not enough time before the winter season of ‘DWTS’ arrives?! Tragic.

On ‘Lie to Me,’ are we going to get any further background of any of the other characters, like Loker? – Lauren
Tim Roth told me that Episode 6 is a “very good one for Loker, We give him some fun stuff to do.” The plot: When Cal travels to a mining town to investigate a deadly explosion, Loker ends up following him there to try and help.

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