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Latest from Ausiello - Various Shows - 21st October 2010

Thanks to Bruce_F for the heads up.

Question: Rumor around the Glee circuit is that Quinn and Rachel lock lips in episode 6. Any truth to that? —Joan
Ausiello: Sorry, no. If it’s any consolation, it looks like the frenemies get fairly close to first base in the new GQ. Speaking of Glee, I can now confirm that the show is planning a Christmas episode. I don’t have any other details at the moment. I do, however, have a suggestion for Ryan Murphy: Please give us (read: me) an It’s a Wonderful Life homage with Sue at the center. I, er, we don’t ask for much.

Question: Glee scoop, please! —Jeffrey
Ausiello: Someone’s about to get expelled!

Question: One Tree Hill. You’re a stingy Smurf when it comes to scoop on this gem of a show. —La-roo
Ausiello: Sources close to the National Weather Center confirm that Mother Nature is doing me a solid and sending a major hurricane their way before season’s end.

Question: Do you have any spoilers on No Ordinary Family?—Mike
Ausiello: A recurring character has an appointment with the Grim Reaper in early December.

Question: I am loving No Ordinary Family. Got any good spoilers for me? —Deb
Ausiello: Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Julie Benz’ Ordinary parents will be played by Maddie Hayes and D-Day (a.k.a. Cybill Shepherd and Bruce McGil). Ma and Pa pay their superhero daughter a visit next month.

Question: Please, we need some 30 Rock scoop! Thank you. —Cindy
Ausiello: Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…wait, it really is a plane. And Matt Damon is driving it, in an episode that sounds like it’s going to take place largely on one of pilot Carol’s flights. Not only is Liz on board, but the show is casting such fellow passengers as a neurotic suit (seated next to Liz, which I don’t think has ever dulled anyone’s neuroses), a snippy gay male flight attendant, and — this is where things get interesting — an *** ********.

Question: I can’t be the only one who loves Lincoln Lee in Fringe‘s “over there” universe! Will we learn new things about him (like how did he know Nick Lane, or where’s his “over here” version? —Elena
Ausiello: Sounds like a question for exec producer Jeff Pinkner: “No, Elena, you’re not the only one! We love Lincoln (and Seth Gable!). We love the energy he brings to the show, and the vibe of the Fringe Team “Over There.” (And we all fantasize about how much fun it would be to see the TV show Fringe that has been playing for the past two years in the Alt Universe with Lincoln, Charlie and Altivia/Fauxlivia/(b)Olivia as the stars.) But to you question: We look forward to spending more time learning about Lincoln. And you raise a very interesting point: What is his doppelgänger “Over Here” up to?!”

Question: Weeds spoilers, for the love of all that is holy, I need some Weeds spoilers! Who is Lars? —Claire
Ausiello: Lars is an old friend of Nancy’s. A very good old friend.

Question: Your frenemy dropped some major Weeds scoop this week and I know you are not gonna let her one-up you like that! What say you give us the deets on Guillermo’s return and just how far Esteban is willing to go to get back baby Stevie. —Claire
Ausiello: Guillermo shows up at the tail end of this season’s penultimate episode…with Esteban! And they don’t have to go too far to get Stevie back — just to the airport, which is where the Botwin clan is headed to flee the country. Quick, someone ask me who makes it onto the plane!

Question. Hey, there’s been no scoop on 90210 lately. Got anything? —Jane
Ausiello: New couple alert: Navid and Silver! Look for sparks to start flying around episode 8. In other 90210 news, Ivy’s estranged father will be introduced in early ’11. He’s described as an all-American, Ivy League-educated charmer.

Question: Can’t seem to get enough Smallville spoilers. Have any new ones? —Dylan
Ausiello: If you’re a Clois freak, the Oct. 29 ghost-town-set episode is not to be missed. Trust me. Elsewhere, expect more Justice League appearances towards the end of the season.

Question: How is the new FX show Terriers doing? —Alexandra
Ausiello: Terribly. Seriously, the ratings are abysmal. It’s depressing because the show is fantastic. I screened the first five episodes last weekend and I immediately gave it the official Aushole Seal of Approval. The ceremony was private — i.e. friends, family, and Shawn Ryan — so don’t give me any grief about your invitation getting lost in the mail.

Question: There hasn’t been a Desperate Housewives scoop in weeks. Got anything to appease me? —Connor
Ausiello: I hear Marc Cherry is putting the finishing touches on his annual winter cliffhanger catastrophe, and this is what I’ve been able to glean from my Wisteria Lane moles: Two characters will be in mortal danger, the deadly event is not weather-related, and hordes of extras will be needed for the harrowing sequence. Guesses? Hit the comments!

Question: Do you have anything on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia? —Stephanie
Ausiello: The Oct. 28 episode finds the gang (sans Dee) flashing back to Halloween to try and figure out who got her pregnant. Mac claims they all “browned out” that night, which is a less severe version of blacking out. They piece together what vague memories they have and arrive at this disturbing conclusion: Dennis might have impregnated his sister! Ewwww!

Question: Do you know if any of last year’s guest stars from Community are coming back this year? I’m thinking John Michael Higgins, Tony Hale, Blake Clark, or Jack Black? —Tommy
Ausiello: Nothing cooking with any of those folks at this time. Here’s something cool though: Judd Apatow’s go-to baddie Kevin Corrigan has just been cast as a guest professor in an upcoming episode.

Question: Is there any news on the rumored sniper on Bones? —Jessica
Ausiello: His name is Jacob Ripkin Broadsky, he’s slated to show up in early ’11, and I can confirm that he does in fact take out a pivotal recurring character.

Question: I’ve missed House two weeks in a row due to work, which is very depressing. Can I please have some scoop to cheer me up? —Kim
Ausiello: You should check out this new product that just hit the market. It’s called a DVR. All the cool kids are using it. In any event, exec producer Katie Jacobs teases that Taub’s marriage will be tested in “a completely unexpected way” later this season. Might this be connected to a certain spoiler that ran in AA last week? Maybe. Maybe not.

Question: Can you please use your impressive resources to find out if Rubicon will be picked up for Season 2? —Nathan
Ausiello: I’m told that AMC would very much like a second season, but the ratings are atrocious. Even worse than Terriers.

Question: I’m getting super tired of Cristina’s “can’t do it” storyline on Grey’s Anatomy. Tell me she’ll get over it soon? —Farrah
Ausiello: My guess is we’re closer to the end than the beginning. “It gets pretty dark for her,” teases exec producer Shonda Rhimes. “Cristina is a person who has identified herself purely a surgeon—before anything else. And for her to be at a place where she’s not sure if she can even pick up a scalpel is fairly devastating.”

Question: Um, so tip fail? Unless a certain Mad Men character committed suicide after the credits rolled, I think you pegged that one wrong. What’s the scoop? —Elise
Ausiello: The scoop is there’s a big difference between a spoiler and a prediction. Look it up.

Question: Any Big C scoop? —Jeremy
Ausiello: A major character will commit suicide before the end of season 1. Now that, Elise, is a spoiler.

Question: I’m torn…I’m enjoying The Event, but I’m mildly happy that its ratings aren’t stellar. Why? Because Mr. Cyr [Jason Ritter] and Sarah were so perfect together on Parenthood! What are the chances of The Event lasting, in your expert opinion? —Wendy
Ausiello: Considering it was just picked up for a full season, the chances are good it’ll last at least 22 episodes. If the show’s ratings stabilize — or better yet grow — a second season is probably a safe bet. Chances are you’ll get closure either way. “I do have a shorter way of getting to [the endgame should it conclude prematurely],” says series creator Nick Wauters. “Hopefully it won’t come to that. But I think it’s important to give viewers some kind of conclusion.”

Question: Any spoilers on The Event? —Sydney
Ausiello: Wauters says we’ll definitely find out who (or what) the “Others” are (aliens? time travelers?) by the end of season 1. “We’ll also find out what they want and where they came from.”

Question: Can you tell me more about Nicholas Brendon’s three-episode arc on Private Practice?—Catherine
Ausiello: As I revealed last week, he plays the nutjob who rapes Charlotte. Exec producer Shonda Rhimes describes it as a “random” attack. He comes into the clinic and “immediately there’s [the suggestion] of some mental illness going on there,” she explains. “Charlotte tells him to wait his turn, and the next thing you know, he’s attacking her.”

Question: I would gladly give up my Papa Smurf action figurine for some Private Practice scoop. I’m hoping that the upcoming sexual assault of Charlotte brings Cooper and Charlotte closer. Love this couple. BTW, last week’s episode with Dell’s daughter was one of the best episodes of all time. Ending was a classic. —The Rock
Ausiello: I think the attack will ultimately bring Charlotte and Cooper closer, but initially she’ll push him away. “The interesting bond that springs up is between Charlotte and Amelia,” reveals Rhimes. “They were both addicts, and there’s an interesting [connection] that forms there.”

Source: EW

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