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Hellcats - Episode 1.06 - Ragged Old Flag - Recap

The last two episodes of Hellcats have taken the show in a new direction which I am really enjoying. At the end of episode four, it seemed that the writers were relying too heavily on the family drama between Savannah and her family and Marti and her mum. We have seen in the previous two episodes a totally new, fresh track for the show.

In last week’s episode we saw the Hellcats film their bid video. Alice and Savannah both had different ideas for the video which caused the team, Vanessa and Savannah herself to question Savannah’s position as team captain. After uniting to film a bid video full of courage and motivation, the team took to a vote. Luckily for Savannah, she was voted to keep her place as team captain of the Hellcats, for now.

In last night’s episode, we saw competition between the volleyball team and the Hellcats. Who really are the better athletes? Savannah and Alice agreed to a match of flag football between the girls volleyball team and the cheerleaders. Marti is faced with a dilemma when she is offered the opportunity to network with future employees as part of her law degree. The networking event is at the same time as the football match. Marti decides to go to the networking event upsetting Savannah.

At the football match, the Hellcats are losing badly until Marti shows up. She tells Savannah she’s a great friend and chose her over the event. I adored this moment. It was so cute. I love how strong their friendship has become. Marti makes all the difference to the team and they start to take the lead over the volleyball team. It all comes down to Savannah receiving the ball and scoring the winning point, which she does. The Hellcats have proved their point, they are athletes too.

We learnt a lot about Lewis this episode. We learn that he quit the football team after there were scandals going on between the football team and his dad. His dad was the one who forced him to quit the team. It appears as though his dad is blackmailing people for money due to financial difficulties. In the end, Lewis decides to take a job with Red to help out his dad after Red spots him coaching the girls and is impressed. Will this have an impact on the Hellcats? I really enjoyed this storyline. It was a nice change to look at another character and their family rather than just Marti’s and Savannah’s. This storyline has a lot of potential and Lewis is a great actor. At the end of the episode, we finally saw Marti and Lewis kiss. It was so cute and great to finally see them connect.

In the last two episodes, Alice has really grown on me. Yes she is the resident ‘it’ girl but I really admire her commitment to the team even though if she lost her scholarship it wouldn’t matter as her family could pay her university fees. We are starting to see another side of Alice which is quickly growing on me. I hope the writers continue to develop her character in such a way.

At the end of the episode, we found out the Hellcats didn’t make the cut for the bid video and have no way of paying for Nationals. I liked how this was not cliché and opens up yet more interesting storylines for the show to explore.

All the characters have gelled really well together and are playing their characters perfectly. Hellcats has really found its way now and has managed to grab my attention back. I like the new direction of the show and am looking forward to what’s around the corner especially between Lewis and his dad and the future of the hellcats.

Our favourite cheerleaders certainly deserved the new episode order!

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