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Fox Mulder (The X-Files) vs. Jack Shephard (LOST) - 2010 Character Competition Semi Final 1

Day 27:
And now, the time has come. We have our final four. They cover a wide variety of shows, the mystery island drama, the alien thriller, the space opera and the superhero show. Which will make the final, and take the 2010 Character Competition. As Gandalf once said, the board is set; the pieces are moving.
Today we have Fox Mulder of 'The X-Files' facing off against 'LOST's' Jack Shephard. Both are the male leads of the cultural phenomenon of the 90's and the 00's. There can be only one winner.
The Time has come.

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All that's left to do folks, is vote...

Portrayed by: David Duchovny
Show: The X Files
Years Active: 1993 - 2002
Credited Episodes: 176
Major Awards: 1 Golden Globe (Best Actor in a Leading Role - 1997)
Major Nominations: 3 Golden Globes, 2 Emmys.

Portrayed by: Matthew Fox
Show: LOST
Years Active: 2004-2010
Credited Episodes: 121
Major Award Wins: None
Major Award Nominations: 1 Emmy, 1 Golden Globe

(Classic LOST there :)

In advance, the voting window is 24 hours, and I have set closing times for the poll, but if they do not work, or they aren't set at any point in the competition, the poll will close when I check the votes myself. This is not at all due to cheating, it's due to the fact that I will be busy and so please let's avoid the torrent of abuse that the infamous Smallville vs. The Vampire Diaries produced :P

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Most Votes:
1. Fox Mulder vs. Dean Winchester (15,781 votes - Day Seventeen)
2. Sam Winchester vs. Elena Gilbert (15,408 votes - Day Thirteen)
3. Barney Stinson vs. Dean Winchester (14,035 votes - Day One)

Shows with Characters remaining: Bold into Final.
Firefly 1
Smallville 1
The X-Files 1

Shows Eliminated:
Quarter Finals:
Fringe (3 nominations)
The Vampire Diaries (2 nominations)

Round Three:
Supernatural (3 nominations)
Bones (2 nominations)
Buffy (2 nominations)
Dexter (2 nominations)
30 Rock (1 nomination)

Round Two:
NCIS (4 nominations)
Friends (3 nominations)
Grey's Anatomy (3 nominations)
Burn Notice (2 nominations)
Chuck (2 nominations)
Gossip Girl (2 nomination)
True Blood (2 nominations)
V (1 nomination)
Veronica Mars (1 nomination)

Round One:
House (4 nominations)
Glee - (3 nominations)
Castle (2 nominations)
24 (1 nomination)
Alias (1 nomination)
Doctor Who (1 nomination)
Gilmore Girls (1 nomination)
How I Met Your Mother (1 nomination)
One Tree Hill (1 nomination)
The Big Bang Theory (1 nomination)

Thanks for voting and commenting, and spread the word folks. Tomorrow sees the second Semi-Final between Clark Kent and River Tam for a place in Wednesdays final.