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Doctor Who - Season 6 - Filming in the USA?

A recent CV update for line producer David Mason has thrown up an intriguing entry:

DOCTOR WHO X1.2 Director: TBA
USA Location Shoot Producer: Marcus Wilson

There is no indication as yet when such a shoot might be taking place.

Meanwhile, principal filming draws to a close on the first block of the series, with director Richard Clark commenting: "Last day of filming. (well almost) Suranne has been amazing and all cast a delight to work with. 6 weeks of editing still to go, then the fx, sound, music, colouring... Patience. It'll be worth it.".

Unlike filming for episode four, the shoot for episode three has been mainly out of sight of the public, though they were spotted at the CEMEX quarry in Taffs Well - previously used as the surface of Mars (The Waters of Mars) and the Ood Sphere (The End of Time), plus the 'naked' release of Captain Jack Harkness (Torchwood: The Children of Earth)!

Source: Gallifrey News Base