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Dexter - Episode 5.03 - Practically Perfect - Recap

The episode opens with Debra interrogating a woman -- at least that's what we're supposed to think. Really funny opener. Because she and Dexter were actually casting a nanny for Harrison. At last they chose an Irish woman (played by Maria Doyle Kennedy) which Harrison seemed to dig. I think it's sure to assume that there's trouble ahead for both Dexter and Harrison, isn't it? Although the nanny seems to be pretty nice for now and I quite like her character so far.

Unfortunately there wasn't much new on the Santa Muerte case. Personally I can't get enough of those bodiless heads. Of course it wasn't really a surprise that the guy wouldn't survive this episode. It will be interesting to see who's really behind these murders. I just hope that latino cop (a.k.a. Debra's new BFF) has got nothing to do with it because that would be really lame...

Let's get to my favorite storyline of the episode...


That's what Dexter did, although he needed more than one attempt. I'm a bit sad that he finally killed Boyd (Shawn Hatosy, some may know him from "Southland"), though. He was a really interesting and pretty creepy character. I loved it when he spotted Dexter in that bistro. On the other hand another friendship like he had with Miguel Prado in season 3 wouldn't have been good either. So when Dexter had Boyd on his table and I thought that storyline was over the producers still happens to surprise me with Julia Stiles' first appearence on the show. Apparently she was held hostage by Boyd and saw everything Dexter did.
So what's Dexter going to do with her? Will he break his code again although he's back to his roots now? I doubt it. But what other choice does he have? She will definitely talk sooner or later.
I'm really glad that after that epic fourth season the show apparently can keep up the suspense because we got some great episodes ahead of us for sure!

At last I want to mention a scene that can't go unnoticed. Masuka looking at Quinn's sketch, laughing and saying "Justin Bieber". It had me literally laughing out loud.

Thanks for reading.


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