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7.05 "Let Me Entertain You" - 24/10/2010

Susan angers an important client who's taking the live-cam sessions with her. It's possible that it's the man who took the torn fragment of her billboard and he'll try to blackmail her.

Both Gabrielle and Renee accidentally learn each other's secrets and decide to reveal it to the wrong people, which causes the tension between them - they're headed for a smackdown during the cabaret show. Gabrielle reveals that Renee slept with her divorce attorney to get a better settlement and Renee reveals that Gaby had a nose job years ago.

7.06 "Excited and Scared" - 31/10/2010 - NOVEMBER SWEEPS

Paul's forced to take his new wife on a romantic date, since Paul & Beth's new marriage-counselor suggests that they should start over, which also includes dating.

7.07 "A Humiliating Business" - 07/11/2010 - NOVEMBER SWEEPS

Bree goes to dr. Mary Wagner (Nancy Travis) and she has a diagnosis for her - she's going through menopause. She meets Keith's father (John Schneider) and meets dr. Wagner, who happens to be Keith's mother again - his parents are divorced.

Renee makes Lynette an interesting job offer. She'd like to see her friend working in her own furniture/designing company.

Gabrielle fears that Bob is trying to seduce Carlos after they strike up a friendship. She starts to work on bringing him abnd Lee back together.

Felicia returns in this episode. Roy also appears.

7.09 "TBA" - 28/11/2010

Bree & Keith take her psychotic friend (played by Cynthia Watros) to a double date...and her escort for the evening turns out to be no one other than Keith's pa(John Schneider.)

Gaby visits the Sanchezes, while an ICE detective comes looking for Juanita's biological mother - Carmen - as he's making an investigation. Gaby realizes introduces hereself as Mrs. Sanchez while she's at their house and she ends up in a cell.

One of the men is planning to propose.

7.10 "TBA" - 05/12/2010 - WINTER FINALE

Someone other than Lynette accidentally learns the secret from Renee's & Tom's past...and does something unexpected with that info.

Paul finally sets his revenge plan in motion...and there will be at least one death casualty.

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