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CSI: NY - Episode 7.09 - Justified - Spoilers

~ There are two victims. One body was definitely buried, and it was discovered when someone tried to dig it up. (I'm not sure if the other body was buried nearby, or if they are just working on two separate cases in this episode.)

~ One woman was stabbed to death 15 years ago (and buried in Central Park). The other was beaten and then shot recently.

~ They are able to identify the killer of the woman who was beaten - an old boyfriend made good on his promise to kill her if she ever tried to run away from him. He found out she was back in town, so he went to find her. She pulled out a gun to defend herself, but he got it away from her. After he beat her, he used the gun to shoot her.

~ The other victim (the one that has been dead for 15 years) is identified as Chief Carver's sister Roni. She was stabbed in Central Park and then buried, and the murder weapon was buried with her.

~ Danny and Flack have a good scene when they go to pick up the guy who beat his girlfriend to death. They get a little roughed up in the process, though.

~ I see mention of everybody but Sid. (That's not to say he isn't there, but I'm not sure if they're rotating people this season - I hope he'll be there, though. It just makes sense for the storyline since they have two victims, and one of them has been dead for more than a decade.)

Source: Faylinn @ Talk CSI