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Character Cup Quarter Final Three - Clark Kent (Smallville) vs. Olivia Dunham (Fringe)

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Day 25:
Well that was intense. The lead went one way, then the next, Elena gaining a huge early lead, only for Jack to catch up, and take a brief lead, before Elena nearly stole back the win, until Jack took the decisive lead a couple of hours before the polls closed. Vampire Diaries is out, 'LOST' will fight 'The X-Files' for a place in the final, Fox Mulder & Jack Shephard doing battle.
Today sees the first tie of the bottom half of the semi-finals, and we see 'Smallville's' Clark Kent taking on the queen of 'Fringe' Science, Olivia Dunham. Who can take a place in the Semi-Finals, can the man of steel cement a place, or can Olivia find a way through like she did against Damon Salvatore. The Quarter Finals continue, the Character competition draws ever closer to the end.

Also keep upto date with the competition and/or ask questions by following me on twitter. I'll also post some of my reviews, writing updates & other bits & bobs, more often than not TV and Film based. I'm at:

Don't forget to keep following your bracket if you entered the competition at

All that's left to do folks, is vote...

Portrayed by: Tom Welling
Show: Smallville
Years Active: 2001-present
Credited Episodes: 197
Major Award Wins: None
Major Award Nominations: None

Portrayed by: Anna Torv
Show: Fringe
Years Active: 2008-present
Credited Episodes: 45
Major Award Wins: None
Major Award Nominations: None

In advance, the voting window is 24 hours, and I have set closing times for the poll, but if they do not work, or they aren't set at any point in the competition, the poll will close when I check the votes myself. This is not at all due to cheating, it's due to the fact that I will be busy and so please let's avoid the torrent of abuse that the infamous Smallville vs. The Vampire Diaries produced :P

Have fun guys, and any questions as always email me on:

Most Votes:
1. Fox Mulder vs. Dean Winchester (15,781 votes - Day Seventeen)
2. Sam Winchester vs. Elena Gilbert (15,408 votes - Day Thirteen)
3. Barney Stinson vs. Dean Winchester (14,035 votes - Day One)

Shows with Characters remaining: Bold into Semi Finals
Firefly 2
Fringe 1
Smallville 1
The X-Files 1

Shows Eliminated:
Quarter Finals:
The Vampire Diaries (2 nominations)

Round Three:
Supernatural (3 nominations)
Bones (2 nominations)
Buffy (2 nominations)
Dexter (2 nominations)
30 Rock (1 nomination)

Round Two:
NCIS (4 nominations)
Friends (3 nominations)
Grey's Anatomy (3 nominations)
Burn Notice (2 nominations)
Chuck (2 nominations)
Gossip Girl (2 nomination)
True Blood (2 nominations)
V (1 nomination)
Veronica Mars (1 nomination)

Round One:
House (4 nominations)
Glee - (3 nominations)
Castle (2 nominations)
24 (1 nomination)
Alias (1 nomination)
Doctor Who (1 nomination)
Gilmore Girls (1 nomination)
How I Met Your Mother (1 nomination)
One Tree Hill (1 nomination)
The Big Bang Theory (1 nomination)

Thanks for voting and commenting, and spread the word folks. Tomorrow features River Tam & Malcolm Reynolds as the Quarter Finals come to a close.


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