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(Badly titled) Cougar Town - Episode 2.03 - Makin' Some Noise - Recap

It's night time, there's spooky music in the background and Jules is all alone in the big old house. She walks to the kitchen in order to get some red wine (What else could it possibly be?), but before she can find any, she is startled by some crackling noises. Is it a burglar? Is it a rapist? Is it the insane monster coming to claim Jules back? Who knows, but before anyone or anything can come through the door Jules is already ready to fight back using a deadly wooden spoon (although one could mock the wooden spoon, Jules later proves that it does in fact hurts a whole lot, as she leaves a big red evidence of it on Andy's forehead).

With Travis now gone to college, Jules has got no one who can (or has to, in Travis' case) be her science project, so she decides to torture Grayson instead by dressing him up in skinny jeans, and fake glasses which she keeps pushing on his face. However Grayson doesn't appreciate the extra attention, and tries to distract Jules by doing the only thing he can. No, not sex, lying that some of his (obviously very precious) DVDs were stolen so that Jules, who was already feeling insecure, will invent a project which will keep her busy for a few hours at least: a neighborhood watch, to keep the neighborhood safe from threats that don't really exist.

Meanwhile, Travis is trying to reinvent himself in college as the type of person no one notices until his much cooler dad comes along and steals his thunder. I mean the type of person no one notices until he steals their girlfriend. The quiet badass type. Like Harry Potter. In the last book. Anyway, Travis doesn't know how to reinvent himself so Bobby comes to his rescue driving his golf cart wearing the look he invented made of short shorts and half shirts, showing off his six pack. Following Bobby footsteps, as usual, Bobby's pet chiwawa – Andy, also shows up at Travis' college. Andy along with Travis watch as Bobby shines and becomes popular, like Travis was supposed to be.

Along the Ellie (now 'hot flushes') vs. Laurie ('monkey') front things continue to happen. Ellie, who can afford expensive crap and therefore can belittle the poor, writes “fake” all over Laurie's bag, figuring Laurie is too stupid to revenge properly. This naturally presents the perfect opportunity for Laurie to own Ellie, as she makes her do the one thing that she hates most: be nice to the help. Ellie is scared of losing her current nanny, Rosa, whom she actually likes. She doesn't know that Laurie is behind Rosa trying to be friends with her. Until that is, she snaps and discovers just how Laurie pawned her.

Back in the Jules madhouse, the neighborhood watch team are off to save the world, or at least walk around pretending to be busy. Only they find out how boring it is to try and stop crimes when nothing ever happens, so eventually they do what they always do: drink red wine. This time it's free, but like all free things it comes with a price. They discover that Tom made it with his dirty feet. The discovery doesn't stop them from drinking it though. They also discover that spying on their neighbors is more fun than fake protecting them.

After coming back from their impromptu adventures, Jules finds out that Grayson has lied about the whole thing to divert attention from himself. Disappointed, Jules kicks him out of bed (not before she reminds him to put on his glasses, of course). But just when Jules proves to Grayson that she is a strong woman who doesn't need men, she gets a phone call from Travis who needs her to save him from Bobby and his chiwawa. Naturally she ignores his plea not to come over, and comes over anyway.

While Jules is away attracting Travis' roommate, Laurie and Ellie explains to Grayson (now known as 'chuckles') that if he won't man up and be there for Jules' during all of the crazy times, their won't be any time for him with her anymore. Luckily, Grayson listens and goes over to fix things, and prove to Jules that although he is an emotional cripple – half man, he can still be a sweet emotional cripple as he sets a new jam room in Travis' old room, just like Jules' wanted, at least until Travis comes back home.