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2010 Character Competition - An Update on the Competition

Hey guys,

After the disappointments of yesterday, where a fan who thought they were better than everyone, and decided to cheat 'River Tam's' way to the final was found, Dark and myself have decided that the competition will continue if people want it too, we're not sure when yet as we want to ensure we can stop people ruining it for the others.

But I, Dark and everyone who has joined in has put a lot of time into the competition and to leave it unresolved would be disappointing. So once we find a program that is sufficient, or Dark's discussion with Polldaddy leads to added security, we have a three day plan, for those people who still wish to join in.

1)The following characters, from rounds we know were definitely corrupted, are entered into a quarter final tie. Those characters are Jack Bauer, Abby Sciuto, Spike and Malcolm Reynolds.
2)There is then a Semi-Final vs. Clark Kent.
3)There is then the Final vs. Jack Shephard.

I understand this is not perfect, but it is as fair as this version can be. This obviously means we have disqualified River Tam from the competition, and also we have decided it was one quarter of the draw that was cheated. I wish there was a better solution, but this is as fair an option as any.

It only disappoints me that a 'fun' competition finds someone who is so desperate for attention or too arrogant to see past his own character preferences, that this fun community has to suffer.

Regardless, I have had some great fun running both competitions, and next year we aim to improve and make it as fair as we can. I am not an administrator of this site, I'm just like you, who loves TV, and loves to discuss TV with other people. I have watched shows I hadn't before, I have found out things I hadn't before, and made good friends with people here.

Hopefully you will all come back when we can make the competition as fair as possible.

Thanks for the support,
Looking forward to Returning,