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V - Season 2 - First Look at Alpha

Thanks to our good friends over at http://www.thevfiles.info for sending us this info.

Fans may have seen me mention ” Alpha “ recently, in regards to V: The New Series Season Two Episode One ” Red Rain..” For those who haven’t, half way through the Season Two Premier ” Red Rain “ we are introduced to a new, soon to be, Resistance member, Dr. Sidney ” Sid “ Miller ( Bret Harrison ), an Evolutionary Biologist who works at the NYU..

We met Sid when Erica ( Elizabeth Mitchell ) shows up on his doorstep looking for answers.. In fact, they are looking for Sid’s boss, ” Dr. Ellis Watts..”.. But they are looking for the wrong Scientist.. Watts has been taking credit
for Sid’s research for years, except for one.. ” ALPHA..”

We can now give you a glimpse at ” ALPHA..”

Source: thevfiles