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The Office - Harvey Keitel Wanted For Carrell's Role

As many know, this is the final season for Steve Carrell on NBC's hit comedy series "The Office." The actor made his plans to depart the series known earlier this year, and rumors of his departure have been swirling about the last couple of seasons.

It is now set to happen, and Carell has made it known just who he wants to replace him on the series. The producers are also wanting this man to come as his replacement. That man is seventy-one year old actor Harvey Keitel.

Paul Lieberstein, one of the executive producers and stars on the series, said this about choosing Keitel to replace Carell: "Keitel is probably the only guy who can do it, and he's doing TV now ... That's what a very smart/eager man once called a 'win-win-win.'"

If Keitel was to come on the series, his character is described as a retired sales man that has to return to the work force after the shift in the economy and the stock market goes down. The people at "The Office" have yet to approach Harvey, but with the way this news broke yesterday something tells me he might know!

What do you think? Would he be a smart choice to take over "The Office" upon Carell's departure?

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