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Glee - Last Season On... - Your Guide To Glee Season Two

Hey there Gleeks,

Welcome to the first of a set of recaps I will be doing for a few shows. In this article, I aim to remind you of all the goodness of the previous season of Glee, in order to prepare you for the Season Two premiere! If you haven’t seen Glee before, this is a quick recap in order to get you up to date. Don’t miss the Season Two premiere, happening Tuesday September 21 at 8/7C on FOX. I’ll be giving you a summary of the previous season and an idea of what to look forward to in Season Two!

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~ PenguinJosh


Glee is about a club of misfits who sing, dance and entertain. The Glee club is headed by Will Schuester, with a wife Teri who he divorced, and a lover Emma who he split up with. Sue Sylvester is coach of the Cheerios and it is her life goal to destroy the Glee club. Lead singer in the group is Rachel, who is in love with Finn, who is in love with Quinn, who is in love with Puck, who is loved by Santana. Mercedes can belt it, Kurt is a diva and Archie and Tina are together. Whew!


Season One ended with the Glee club performing in Regionals against their main rivals, Vocal Adrenaline (coached by guest star Idina Menzel). Sue Sylvester was on the judging panel with guest stars Josh Groban and Olivia Newton-John. In a shock twist, Sue ended up voting for the William McKinley Glee Club to come first, yet the other judges voted in favour of Vocal Adrenaline, causing the Glee club to come third (out of three!) at Regionals. Despite Principal Figgins warning Mr. Schu that if they did not place at Regionals that the Glee club would be over, Sue fought for the Glee club to be allowed to stay (mostly so she could insult Will’s hair, but also because Glee was renewed for a second season).

Alas, the Glee club is back, and will have to sing and compete once again in Sectionals in order to go on to Regionals and hopefully Nationals!


I think it’s a fair bet to say we can expect lots more singing and dancing from our favourite group of misfits! We’ve got some awesome songs, Rachel/Finn/Quinn/Puck/Santana pentagon drama, classic Brittany quotes and more Sue Sylvester scheming to look forward to! Glee club will be back and will be looking to step it up a notch in order to prepare for Sectionals. Will Will finally get together with Emma, or will her new dentist lover get in the way? Will Teri be back to try and rekindle Will’s affections for her? Will Rachel and Finn live happily ever after? Will Artie and Tina make it work? Will Brittany ever catch her cat reading her diary?

There’s only one way to find out! Tune in to the Season 2 premiere of Glee airing September 21 8/7C on FOX!


If you enjoyed this recap, please rate below, comment, or come discuss with me in the forum! Look out for similar recaps coming your way before the Season Seven premieres of Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy!

~ PenguinJosh

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