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The Event - Upcoming Episode Snippets

As for the show itself, expect the producers to keep their promise of actually addressing questions while at the same time introducing new head-scratchers. “We want the show to be a thriller where you’re getting answers that resolve mysteries in each episode,” NBC entertainment president Angela Bromstad told THR.

To that end, here is what Fancast senior editor Julie Zied has to say about the next two episodes: “Rest assured, questions will be answered – and not just with more questions!

What happened to the vanishing plane? Answered.
Who – or what – is capable of pulling off such a feat? Answered again!
We’ll also learn who’s responsible for kidnapping Leila (even if their true motivations remain hidden).
Oh, and those prisoners up on the snowy Alaska mountain? We’ll discover precisely why the government has been keeping them behind bars for oh so long.

Finally, keep your eyes peeled for a creepy twist ending in Episode 3 that will send chills – yes chills – up your spine.”

Source: Fancast