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Covert Affairs - Episode 1.10 - I Can't Quit You Baby - Recap

Covert Affairs was one of the sunniest spots on TV this summer, but alas the sun has gone down. The first season is over with and here's the first part of the 2-hour finale, episode 10, I Can't Quit You Baby.

Annie comes home late and Danielle is waiting up. She wants a favor. She wants Annie to setup a field trip for Chloe (Annie's niece) and her class at the Smithsonian. Its pretty last minute, but Annie agrees, mainly so she won't have to answer any more questions about where she works. Annie grabs some ice cream as a late night snack, but she has to stop after a spoonful, she's got a sensitive tooth.

At the DPD, they're watching the JFK airport security cameras. They're watching as Donald Ridley is stopped by customs even though his suitcase is cleared by the US Embassy in London. When they check his suitcase they find he has a package of uncut diamonds. Ridley makes a run for it but before long airport security catches up and arrests him.

The DPD is checking in to Ridley because his name came up in some surveillance they were doing in Angola. And since Angola is a sticky subject, they have to call in the former head of the DCS, the sleezy Henry Wilcox (). Joan doesn't like the idea at all. Meanwhile, Annie is at her desk making arrangements for the field trip. Auggie comes over and tells her that she needs to go get her tooth checked out and that giving a tour to third graders is one mission he'd never accept :)

Later, Joan and a few others are watching Ridley as he's being interrogated by the FBI. Jai says that whoever is helping him smuggle in those diamonds must be working in the US Embassy in London. Joan gets an idea; since Ridley is arrested whoever he's smuggling is going to be looking for his replacement. She wants Annie to head to London and get in with those smugglers.

Annie says she'll do it but isn't sure how she's going to convince smugglers to take her in. They lay it out. Vivian Long is the woman at the embassy who was helping Ridley pass through customs without being searched. Annie is going to go down there using her Smithsonian cover, which is a perfect cover to smuggle things in and out of the country. The last thing Annie has to do is get in trouble, financial trouble--more on that in a minute. Jai goes along for the London trip but he can't make any contact with Annie since she's going to be undercover.

So Annie lands in London and has to break the news to Danielle that she can't do the field trip, but she's taken care of things so the field trip is still on track (with the help of Auggie). Annie meets the perky Vivian Long and she takes her to see the Ming vase she'll be taking back to the Smithsonian. Annie mentions to Vivian that she loves to play craps and wonders if Vivian knows of any spots. She does, an exclusive casino where she's friends with the manager.

Back at the DPD, Henry Wilcox shows up just in time to tell Arthur what a dope he thinks he is. He makes sure Arthur understands that since he's not the head of the DCs anymore all trouble new and past is going to land on Arthur's head, so he better get the leak fixed.

Auggie, fighting the good fight and still listening to Ridley's interrogation hears him give up an address. He passes it on to Jai who checks the address out. It's some sort of abandoned warehouse and he almost gets shot; he doesn't catch the person but he does see that it was a woman. Back at the DPD, with the help of Henry Wilcox (I mistakenly though he was an idiot) he figures out that Ridley's wife is part of the smuggling ring. In fact she's the friend that Vivian who runs the casino she's taking Annie to... and when they get in the casino, Annie and Vivian are wearing sexy black dresses. They turn every guy's head in the place (let's face it Annie was doing the bulk of the work, no offence to Vivian). This is where Annie has to get into financial trouble. She heads straight to the crap and loses $10,000 without a care in the world (she gets liquored up as well). She doesn't stop there she borrows about $8,000 from the casino. Eventually, after a freak win, Annie loses all her money and is in debt. She lays it on thick to Vivian that she has no way of paying that kind of money back. Vivian says that there may be a way to pay the money back. Annie says how? And in not so many words Vivian tells her smuggling. Annie's in.

So Annie has to meet the head of the smuggling ring before she's fully in and of course that person turns out to be Ridley's wife; Patricia. The meeting is going good and then Patricia gets a phone call. Annie overhears Patrcia (in Turkish, yeah Annie speaks Turkish, hehe) saying that Annie is going to make a good replacement, so good that they're going to kill Vivian. After the meeting Annie calls up the DPD and they're split on what to do. Henry Wilcox thinks that Patricia isn't really going to kill Vivian; he thinks she just said that in front of Annie to make the CIA show they're hand. Arthur isn't going to risk it at all, and since he's the current DCS he orders Jai to go and get Vivian, who's on her way to that warehouse where Jai got shot at.

When Annie heads over to the warehouse to get Vivian, Patricia is waiting for her. Its a trap. Henry Wilcox (again, swore he was an idiot) was dead on. Patricia heads out and has one of her henchmen (also Vivian's beaux) kill them both. Annie puts up a fight and gets punched in the face, smack dab on that sensitive tooth she's been complaining about the whole episode and that pisses her off. She floors the guy with a vivicous right. Jai, then shows up and tells Annie and Vivian to head up stairs. A shootout goes down, bullet everywhere. Annie and Vivian make it outside, but there's Patricia again waiting for them. Patricia (whose like some Turkish mercenary) aims her gun at them. Annie steps in front of Vivian. And the shot goes off... but it's not from Patricia's gun, Jai fired the shot and Patrcia collapses to the ground. Attaboy Jai!

In between all of that Auggie had to head down to the Smithsonian and conduct the tour himself, they think his cane is a light saber. Jai came to her rescue and Auugie did as well. Annie heads on her flight back home and tells Auggie that wants a dentist waiting for her as soon as she lands.

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