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Chuck - Season 4 - Norman Buckley Interview

Thanks to our good friend andryanatomy from http://www.chuckbartowski.it for sending this over to us.

1. How would you judge our favourite TV show, Chuck?
Chuck is a great show, both to watch and to work on.

2. Can you talk about your first experience in Chuck?
I edited the pilot and first episode of chuck, and i directed two episodes in the second season. I knew as soon as i started working on it that we were working on something special.

3. Out of the TV shows you have worked on, is Chuck your favourite?
All of the shows i work on are special to me. I would not want to pick a favorite.

4. How do the Chuck cast like to take direction? Where there problems during your direction?
The actors are all very talented and open to direction.

5. Zachary Levi directed “Chuck vs The Beard” in season three. What do you think about his direction?
Zach did a great job.

6. You just directed the third episode of season four, “Chuck vs The Cubic Z”. We’re wondering if that “Cubic Z” is what we think it is. Can you say something about it?
I can only tell you that it is a great episode with a lot of action. Wait and see.

7. In season two we saw Yvonne Strahovski fighting with Nicole Richie in a really “wet” way. Will that happen this year too?
I can only tell you that Nicole Richie did a great job on my episode and that she is a joy to work with.

8. How was directing it the third episode? Can you tell something about its plot?
It was a lot of fun and no, i can’t tell you anything about the plot.

9. What’s the typical schedule from the time you get a script til we see it on TV?
I work on the script, shooting and post-production for almost a month.

10. Did you train as a director, and if so, where?
I went to film school at the University of Southern California. I worked as an editor for many years before i started directing.

11. Do you make storyboards for the episode beforehand?
I sometimes use storyboards. I always make a shot list. I have the show visualized in my head before i ever start shooting. If i think it would help others to understand what i want, then i’ll story board the sequence, but that is rare.

12. What’s your favourite camera lens and why?
I don’t have a favorite lens. Different lens work for different situations and each creates a different emotional effect.

13. A fan asked if you are shooting every day or if you have some day off.
When i am shooting an episode i shoot five days a week.

14. Another fan asked: how is Chuck going to balance his spy life with his private life in the third episode?
You’ll have to wait to find out. I don’t like spoilers.

15. A fan asked: what’s your typical day on the set of Chuck?
I usually walk the sets first thing in the morning, think about my day, and try to plan my schedule to maximize the time. I try to stay relaxed because i like the set to be a happy place.

16. Do you have plans to direct any other Chuck episode in season four? Fans appreciate the sophistication you bring.
Right now i am only scheduled to do episode 3. If they are picked up for more episodes later i hope they will invite me back.

17. How was working on the set of Pretty Little Liars? And on the Gossip Girl one?
I love working on both gossip girl and pretty little liars. They are both very different from chuck, but the casts on both are extraordinary and they are both very beautiful shows.

18. In Twitter we elected our mascotte, Bailey (@LittleChuckFan). She’s 10 years old now and she has already met the entire cast of Chuck. Bailey also created a project to make Yvonne Strahovski come on the Ellen Show, hosted by Ellen Degeneres. In September 7th at 7-8am EST a lot of fans will tweets to @TheEllenShow many replies where they say they want Yvonne on the show. In every tweets there will be this word: #YvonneOnEllen. We’re wondering if you can join us. Will you help us?
I wish you well in the endeavor but i try not to get involved in twitter campaigns. Good luck with it though. Yvonne is great and they would be lucky to have her on their show.

19. Have you ever been in Italy? What do you think about our country and our kitchen?
I love italian food, but i’ve never been to italy. I really want to come. Fellini and Antonioni are two of my favorite directors of all time.

20. Thank you so much for accepting to be interviewed by us. We’re so glad to talk to an amazing director like you. Please, cheers you italian fans of www.chuckbartowski.it and the fans all over the world who are waiting for this interview.
Thank you so much for your interest in interviewing me.

Source: www.chuckbartowski.it

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