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2010 Character Competition - Round 2.6 - Day 14

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I wrote the paragraph below when I went to bed, so for Fringe fans, unfortunately & for Smallville fans, brilliantly, Lois Lane pulled off a remarkable turnaround and beat Peter Bishop, so hats off to the fans, who now find themselves with a Clark vs. Lois Round 3. Personally as a Fringe fan, and viewing the competition as a neutral, I would've found Clark vs. Peter the most interesting Round 3 match, as I can't help but feel that Clark should definetely have an edge over his co-star. But more intruiging things have happened. :P I've left the paragraph below in as I'd mentioned a few other bits and bobs, so read at your pleasure :)

(It was a relatively quiet start to the second half of the draw in the second round of the competition yesterday, one which saw success for one Smallville character (Clark Kent) yet elimination for the other (Lois Lane). A very strong performance from Peter Bishop, perhaps exceeded his expected potential has scored him a place in Round 3 against Clark, and he surely now has a chance to take on the Man of Steel. It all remains to be seen. One ting is certain and that all the hopes for any NCIS success like it found in the show competition (it finished in 9th place) lie in the hands of Abby Sciuto. One thing I noticed is that one of the best show Semi-Finalist's and Quarter Finalists, The Wire & The Office had no characters in the to 64. Surely McNulty or Michael Scott merit a place in the draw. Perhaps next year we will lower the number of characters from each show to allow other shows the chance to fight for the win. But that's for another time, just a pause for thought :P)

Today we have 'Chuck', who pulled off a great victory against Greg House in Round One, certainly upsetting many peoples expectations, and as a result threw himself into contention for a strong performance today against '30 Rock's' Liz Lemon, who similarly made light work of Allison Cameron in Round One. Also we have the show that always pulls itself from underdog to front runner, 'The Vampire Diaries' Damon Salvatore, (Boone to everyone else :P) taking on 'Fringe' lead character Olivia Dunham. As a Fringe fan I'm behind the Dunham, but it will be tough to see off such stiff opposition. Can Vampire Diaries push on from Elena's win over Sam, the turnaround in Vampire vs. Demon fortunes from the Best Show final, and go one step further in this competition. Still a long way to go, and I'm sure Olivia won't make it easy. It's time to find out.....

Also keep upto date with the competition and/or ask questions by following me on twitter. I'll also post some of my reviews, writing updates & other bits & bobs, more often than not TV and Film based. I'm at:

Don't forget to keep following your bracket if you entered the competition at

Voting Time Folks...

In advance, the voting window is 24 hours, and I have set closing times for the poll, but if they do not work, or they aren't set at any point in the competition, the poll will close when I check the votes myself. This is not at all due to cheating, it's due to the fact that I will be busy and so please let's avoid the torrent of abuse that the infamous Smallville vs. The Vampire Diaries produced :P

Have fun guys, and any questions as always email me on:

Most Votes:
1. Sam Winchester vs. Elena Gilbert (15,408 votes - Day 13)
2. Barney Stinson vs. Dean Winchester (14,035 votes - Day One)
3. Dean Winchester vs. Veronica Mars (13,806 votes - Day Nine)

Shows with Characters through:
Smallville 3
Firefly 2
The Vampire Diaries 2
30 Rock 1
Bones 1
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1
Chuck 1
Dexter 1
Friends 1
Fringe 1
Supernatural 1
The X-Files 1
V 1

Shows Eliminated:
Round Two:
Grey's Anatomy (3 nominations)
Burn Notice (2 nominations)
Gossip Girl (2 nomination)
True Blood (2 nominations)
Veronica Mars (1 nomination)

Round One:
House (4 nominations)
Glee - (3 nominations)
Castle (2 nominations)
24 (1 nomination)
Alias (1 nomination)
Doctor Who (1 nomination)
Gilmore Girls (1 nomination)
How I Met Your Mother (1 nomination)
One Tree Hill (1 nomination)
The Big Bang Theory (1 nomination)

Thanks for voting and commenting, and spread the word folks. Tomorrow features River Tam, Abby Sciuto, Spike & Chloe Sullivan.


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