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Primer: Lie to Me Episode 2.20 “Exposed”

The Premise: When Foster’s boyfriend is abducted, Cal must expose a secret from the DEA agent’s past in order to save his life.

The Personal: Emily learns she came this close to being a segment on the Maury show, Foster’s love-life losing streak continues, and Cal participates in the torture of his competition… for a good cause, of course.

The Resolution: Realizing the only way to release Burns from the psycho drug dealer/grieving son who kidnapped him is to aid the urban entrepreneur in the quest for his father’s killer, Cal offers his services. He gains drug dealer Little Moon’s confidence by confessing his motive for pulling a Mr. Blonde on Burns (he “fancies” Gillian) then immediately sets about pitting Moon against an underling. Burns reveals that his partner Michelle was unable to pull the trigger on Big Moon because she’s expecting a little lunar object of her very own. Cal collaborates with the abductee to pin the murder on Harris, the underling, even though he has already deduced that Burns shot Big Moon in order to protect Michelle’s professional position. Little Moon murders Harris just as federal agents rush the building. His cover blown, Doctor Dave disappears back into the murky netherworld of the DEA, and Foster’s relationship status on Facebook reverts to “single.” With his rival out of the way, Cal takes the time to reassure Emily concerning the circumstances of her conception before table-crashing Foster’s party of one.

What We Learned from this Episode:

· Cal Lightman, you ARE the father! Sixteen years ago, Cal’s mistrustful ways led him to demand a paternity test. The test proved he’s Emily’s father, but the suspicious scientist still has major trust issues. Obviously.

· Cal is stalking Foster. Not only does he dig up dirt on the other men in Gillian’s life, he also follows her around like a lovesick teenager, tells people he wants her in “the worst possible way,” and has been seen hanging around outside her house late at night. Restraining orders have been granted on less evidence.

· Foster has a wind chime in her bedroom... and a bumper sticker on her car which says “If the chimes are a rockin’, don’t come knockin’.” Hey, would I lie to you?

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