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New Comment and Community Features - Don't be a grey face!

The Comments and Community features here at SpoilerTV have been updated.

Like and Dislike Feature
For each post there is a LIKE and DISLIKE button, similar to the Facebook Like button. Clicking this shows that you like the contents of the post. This helps us see which posts you like and helps us shape what posts in future to make. Feel free to give this posts Like button a click. Also you can click on the Like button next to any comment that you like or agree with.

User Profiles
For each person who comments on a post, you can click their Icon to load up more info about them. See what other sites they have been commenting on etc.

Community Profile
In the comments section you can see an overview of all comments that have been posted on the site. Click the little Expand Community Box icon

This will then load up a screen similar to the one below. This shows you information such as Active Members, Most Liked, New People etc.

Don't be a grey face
A lot of people still have not added a avatar to their profile here at SpoilerTV. These grey faces are very boring to look at :) Having a personalised icon helps people recognise you better.

Why not add some colour by adding an avatar? You can use your Twitter or Facebook ones or upload your own by clicking on the Edit Profile link. Maybe an image of your favourite show or character?

Feel free to play around and test these features in this post. Lets see some great new Avatars and Icons or just pop in the comments to say Hi!

If you have any questions/problems, please don't hesitate to ask here in the comments or email me direct.

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