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White Collar - Episodes 2.01/2.02 - Advance Review

Neal Caffrey has escaped! No, not prison - just the hiatus. White Collar is back! The clothes, the cases, the camaraderie, the Caffrey, all the things you loved about White Collar in the first season are back for more. In the second season premiere we find ourselves right where we left off, and they waste no time presenting storylines for season 2. There are many similar elements to the pilot in this episode, and an awesome shout out to Ocean's Eleven (hint: Music!). The first episode already explores new territory with character interactions we haven't seen much of. Tim Matheson who is no stranger to USA shows having been affiliated with Psych, Burn Notice, and the new original series Covert Affairs, directs and guest stars in the premiere. Episode 2 explores more of Marsha Thomason's character (who returns to the cast full time for season 2). There is a very awkward (but very funny) moment between Burke and his wife not to mention references to Super Mario, Burt Reynolds, and Magnum PI. These first 2 episodes are some of the strongest TV around, and it doesn't disappoint. I can see White Collar at the Emmy's this year and I'm not talking about Tony Shalhoub's shirt.

Neal says (in the premiere): "C'mon, the infamous Caffrey and Burke? We'd be legends!" You already are, Mr. Caffrey. You already are.

The second season premiere of White Collar airs Tuesday, July 13th at (its new time!) 9/8c on USA Network.