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Wexylum's Series Awards


There is it, Wexylum's Series Awards, but what is it exactly?

5 week, 1 post/day 5 category, lots of Character and actor/actress. Let me explain this. So i will give you 1 article/day, every article will tell you something about 1 character. There is 5 category:

Good Girl
Good Boy
Bad Girl
Bad Boy
Best young Boy/Girl

1 category get 1 week, 1 week get 6 character and the week's seventh day i post a poll, who is the actual category's winner? You will decide who will be a winner i just give you some information, what facilitate your vote.

In the character description i will tell about the character, about the series, about the actor/actress and of course i will tell you, why vote to this character.

So after this 5 week we have 5 winner, 1 in every each category.

Can i tell about the First Post, the Day 1, the First Nominee of Good Girl Category?
I don't know, i suppose, no. But i can tell you a little information about her. She is blonde, mom, and a real fighter. I think that's enough. So check out the SpoilerTV.com every day.
If you miss any post about this awards, just check the "Wexylum's Series Awards" label.