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Supernatural - Rumoured Casting Notice and Titles for 6.01-6.03

Thanks to tvmonkey for sending the following.

Someone found this on livejournal (It has not been confirmed as real or accurate)




Network: CW

Episode #601

Draft: 6/14/10

[JOEY] Male, suggest 12 to 13 years. Smart, outgoing and brave. Please denote age next to your suggestions... Guest Star recurring role.

SUPERNATURAL, Eps# 602, "Exile on Main Street"



Network: CW

Episode #602

Draft: 6/24/10

[CHRISTIAN] 40s (suggest late 30s - 40s), capable, he's good at his job and is condescending...GUEST STAR, RECURRING ROLE (20)

[GWEN] 30s (suggest late 20s - 30s), warm, direct. She tries to lighten things up during a tense situation...GUEST STAR, RECURRING ROLE (20)

[MARK] The silent type. He may not speak much, but he is observant and approachable...Principal role, possible GUEST STAR (4) RECURRING ROLE

[SID] 40ish (suggest late 30s - 40s), a decent, likeable, average guy...GUEST STAR (4)

[HOT WAITRESS] Slightly edgy, hot waitress with a tattoo on one upper arm...7 lines, 3 scenes (8)

[MAGGIE] 12-13ish, straightforward, a bit outspoken, Maggie is with a bunch of kids at a makeshift campfire in the woods. She and Joey like each other. Please denote age next to your suggestions...1 speech & 1 line, 2 scenes (1)

[GIRL] This 12-13 year old girl sits with a bunch of friends around a makeshift campfire in the woods. Please denote age next to your suggestions...1 line, 1 scene (1)

[BETHANY] Sid's wife, suggest 30s. We see on the back deck having convulsions...non speaking Actor role, 2 scenes

[JOHNNY] He is on a stakeout when his viciously attacked...non speaking Actor role, 2 scenes

SUPERNATURAL, Eps# 603, "Two And A Half Men"



Network: CW

Episode #603

Draft: 7/9/10

[GRANNY] A friendly old granny, she sees Sam and Dean trying to deal with a wailing baby, and helps. But in fact, she's not what she appears to be...10 lines, 2 scenes (19)

[MANAGER] The night manager of a motel,...7 lines, 1 scene (28)

[EX-HUSBAND] A bartender, he's the emotional ex-husband of a woman who has recently been found murdered...2 speeches & 7 lines, 1 scene (25)

[BIG MALE SHOPPER] This big male shopper sees that Sam and Dean are trying to hurt an old Granny, and he springs to her defense...1 line, 1 scene (21)

[WOMAN] This terrified woman is the mother of a young baby that is the target of kidnappers...Actor role, teaser, 2 scenes (1)

[PIZZA GUY] This pizza guy drops off a delivery order...1 line, 1 scene (4)

[COP] Gives a quick rundown on the latest case...4 lines, 1 scene (6)

[COP / IMPOSTER] This cop relates info for a stolen car...1 speech, 1 scene (22)

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