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Grey's Anatomy - Episode 7.02 - Episode Details

Thanks to Crystelle from TWoP

Mitch - Scene 1: Kerry is being examined by Dr. Howard, Mitch shows up and is all hyped up on survival drama. He tells Kerry they could have died, the crash was like a one-in-a-million shot and he's going to take one too so he says ILY to Kerry and if they pull through this he'll love her forever. Scene 2: In the ER, Dr. Frank treats Warren and Mitch is sitting in the next bed. Mitch tells Warren he tried telling Kerry he loves her but her ears were messed up. Warren looks at him shocked and horrified, gets up dragging his IV pole and says he's got to tell Kerry [he loves her]. Mitch protests saying Kerry is his but Warren says he's been working up to this for a year. Scene 3: Mitch is sitting by Kerry's bedside. She asks him how Warren is doing, Mitch says Warren is bald. Kerry says she knows that and that Mitch doesn't really love her, he only thinks he does. She starts crying and Mitch apologizes, says Warren is a good guy and could probably get a hairpiece.

Russ - Scene 1: Dr. Howard cuts off Russ' shirt. He has massive black bruises on his sides and back. He can't feel his arm but since being at the hospital he started moving his fingertips. Dr. Howard says it's probably transitory paralysis and his arm should be back to normal in a couple of hours. Russ asks about Kerry and pleads for someone to check on her for him. Scene 2: Dr. Howard treats Warren. Russ sits in a chair near Warren and Mitch is in the next bed. Mitch says he's going to tell Kerry he loves her, Warren says 'no' and gets up heading to the door. Russ tells them to leave Kerry alone, she could have died and she's his. Scene 3: Russ and Mitch sit by Kerry's bedside and she's asking about Warren. Russ asks her if she loves Warren, Mitch says that Warren is bald and Kerry starts crying. Russ turns to Mitch and says "Nice. You made her cry."

Warren - Scene 1: Dr. Howard is treating Warren. He says he's feeling queasy, Dr. Howard says he has a bit of a fever and got hit the hardest so that must be why. Warren feels like it's his fault everyone else got hurt, Dr. Howard says it isn't. Warren asks if Kerry is OK and Dr. H says that Kerry wanted to know the same thing about him. Warren asks if she wanted to know about him specifically and what she said. Mitch, who is sitting in the next bed, says he tried to tell Kerry he loves her. Warren is horrified and shocked, jumps out of bed dragging his IV stand towards Kerry saying he has got to tell her. Mitch says Kerry is his but Warren says no, he's been working up to this for a year. Mitch pushes past and it's a race. Scene 2: Dr. Howard checks on Warren who is sweaty, pale, on oxygen and drugged for pain. Warren asks Dr. Howard to tell Kerry he's sorry for tackling her instead of grabbing her flag, that she's the funniest and sweetest and pleads for Dr. H to make sure Kerry is ok. Scene 3: Kerry is in bed and Dr. Howard wheels Warren in. Warren says he was told he slammed her really hard on the field. Kerry says she's fine, it's football and accidents happen. Warren says he's sorry. Kerry says she isn't, she loves him and has been in love with him forever. Warren takes that in, he's stunned and asks Dr. Howard to push him a little closer. Dr. H pushes Warren right up next to Kerry and they kiss

Source: Crystelle from TWoP

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