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Big Brother 12 - Pre-Season Update

The Houseguests Have Entered The Building
     Yes, that's right, our 13 new houseguests have entered the Big Brother house at some point on Sunday and the game has begun for them.  This Thursday night, the 1st airing of the new season begins on CBS and I could not be more thrilled.  Summer is in full swing but it feels more complete when BB hits the air. 

     Originally, there was to be 14 houseguests but word is, that one of them left sequester and has been disqualified from the game.  Until there is an official announcement on that, it's just the "word" going around but I imagine that BB might use that as an opportunity to introduce another twist or maybe a houseguest from seasons past will be able to play once again.  I would love that and despite Jesse being the guy who got a 2nd chance, I would love to see another former houseguest move in.

     This season of Big Brother will introduce a "Saboteur", someone who is not playing the normal game but playing undercover and gets paid more and more each week they remain in the house.  If I were CBS, I would hope that person does not get the boot in Week 1 because that would ruin that plan right from the start.  A good plan introduced can and sometimes does, backfire.  Have you figured out who this person is yet?  Neither have I but after the 1st episode and my 1st official episode writing on Friday, I'll give that Official guess.

     Here is a postcard that the new season of BB players have taken after they entered into the house.

See you Friday!!!