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Best Show Ever Quarter Final 4 - Supernatural vs. The X-Files

Dark is back from his Trip and so the Updated Brackets are HERE

After the first three of the four semis has taken place we have a new leader, that being Kyle Cox, taking the spot from Cole "The Winner" McDonald, who has dropped to 4th place and 4 points behind. It's still all to play for though, and in a shocking turn of events, I have found myself rising to 121st, having guessed two of the three semi finalists correctly.
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Day 28: I apologise for no daily update yesterday, but with my travelling back from Belgium and in the drama that was the Smallville vs. The Vampire Diaries battle which I won't comment on too much, I didn't have time to type much out. The winners from both rounds were The Vampire Diaries and LOST, both of which, come closing time were comfortable winners, Vampire Diaries by around 200 votes, and LOST by a huge 2000 votes. That sees our first Semi-Final being The Wire vs. The Vampire Diaries, and personally I feel The Wire is more deserving of the Final spot, but it will take something special to stop the Vampire Diaries fans from causing an upset. I feel it will be The Vampire Diaries fans vs. the rest of the TV community, but we shall find out in due course. No disrespect to the show, but I hope that Vampire Diaries doesn't take the crown, as a show so early in it's run shouldn't win in my opinion. Hopefully next year we can make changes to make the shows elegible more deserving, but that is another year. However right now that side of the draw is not what interests me as LOST will take on one of today's big two shows in Supernatural and The X-Files. Whichever wins has a tough Semi Final against a big favourite, but as Vampire Diaries continues to prove, the winner is not set in stone. All that's left to do is Let the Battle Commence....

Supernatural vs. The Vampire Diaries

Seasons: 5 (ongoing)
Previous Results: R1. WON vs. Freaks & Geeks (58.18%), R2. WON vs. Mad Men (83.86%), R3. WON vs. NCIS (52.43%)
Major Awards: None
Format: Supernatural drama, horror, action, adventure, thriller
Synopsis: Starring Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, the series follows the brothers as they hunt demons and other figures of the paranormal.
Fan Review: Wilson Crawford
What started off as a seemingly fun, scary monster-of-the week show in the beginning quickly revealed itself to be one of the most well-written, fantastically-plotted, genre shows of the past decade. The core of Supernatural was, is, and will always be the brothers Winchester. Cursed by the demonic murder of their mother at a young age, the remnants of the Winchester family fell into a world of darkness. They were raised by their father to hunt the evil that preys on humanity, and ultimately to rid creation of the demon that killed their mother. Supernatural has one of the most incredible teams of writers I've ever seen: they can take the apocalypse and reduce it to two bratty forces of heaven having a tantrum, and then take a few misguided granted wishes and turn them into imminent danger. The action is well-laid out, the humor is crude, satirical, and sharp, and the twists in this show are some of the most insane, thought-out twists you'll ever see in television. Like I stated previously, however, the heart of this show lies on the brothers, and this show is not only a wonderful buildup of mythos, but the character development is out of this world. I can't speak enough on the evolution, the trials, and the strength of the commitment these two brothers have for each other. There's a reason it's called the "hellatus" between seasons...and That is why Supernatural is the BEST SHOW EVER.

The X-Files

Seasons: 9 (Finished)
Previous Results: R1. WON vs. 30 Rock (72.43%), R2. WON vs. Alias (70.11%), R3. WON vs. Battlestar Galactica (84.61%)
Major Awards: 16 Emmys, 5 Golden Globes
Format: Drama/science fiction/horror/mystery/thriller
Synopsis: In the series, FBI agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) are the investigators of X-Files: marginalized, unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena. Mulder is a believer in the existence of aliens and the paranormal, while Scully, a skeptic, is assigned to make scientific analyses of Mulder's discoveries.
Fan Review: Wilson Crawford
In the course of 9 seasons, The X-Files broke onto the scene and became the epitome of a perfect sci fi show: it had mystery, groundbreaking plots, startling thrills, and jumpstarted a generation of conspiracy theorists with its sharply-acted, well-written, mind-bending monster-of-the-week stories. Sometimes comic, sometimes disturbing, always high-brow entertainment. The sparks flew between Mulder and Scully and the sexual chemistry worked as a catalyst to push this show to heights no one had ever gone to. Part "Twin Peaks," part "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," 100% its own, The X-Files easily became an acclaimed critical darling, but also a gigantic success amongst viewers, boasting as much as 20+ million viewers in its prime. Not to mention the "radical" fanbase... The legacy it's left behind has inspired many newer shows including "Fringe," "Supernatural," and countless others. An instant classic, brimming with satire and intrigue, and that is why THE X-FILES is the BEST SHOW EVER.

Thanks once again for voting and taking part in the Competition. Hope your doing well, and that your favourite shows are getting through. Comment away and lets see who grinds through today.
Top 3 Most Voted for Polls So Far:
1. Firefly vs. Fringe (Day 11, Round 2 - 4491 votes)
2. The West Wing vs. LOST (Day 6, Round 1 - 3644 votes)
3. Supernatural vs. NCIS (Day 23, Round 3 - 3368 votes)

Also if you would like to submit a review for any show for the next round, then send them to harris_4_president@yahoo.co.uk! Thanks to everyone submitting the reviews and Youtube links that I can then add to the posts. We need videos & Reviews for The First Semi-Final The Wire vs. The Vampire Diaries for tomorrows showdown :)

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