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SpoilerTV Best Show Ever - Round One Third Region Prediction and Thoughts

So this is the Third of my Predictions threads for the main competition we are running on SpoilerTV, and for anyone who hasn't read the other articles, or has but hasn't entered the competition yet, these are the links:
Best Show Ever - Predict the Winners and win a prize!

Prediction Thread 2 - Round two First Region

And so we get to what I see is the toughest region to come through and reach the semi-finals, and has some of the juggernaughts of the competition all fighting it out for those final four matches. But before they get there they have to try and fight off, in virtually all cases (barring One Tree Hill perhaps) critically acclaimed and multi-award winning TV shows which were known as some of the class of their time. This is the First Round I'm most looking forward too, and a real chance to see if some of the current underdogs of the whole competition can find their fan base in this competition, and yes, I'm talking about House, I'm talking about Doctor Who, I'm talking about Twin Peaks. In fact, I'm talking about nearly every show!

The Big Battle

In any normal world, the biggest battle on paper should be 'The West Wing' vs. 'LOST', yet at the moment I do still feel 'LOST' has a stranglehold over the site, as it was the original reason the majority of fans visited the site, and I feel it is pretty much impossible to imagine anything beating 'LOST' at such an early stage in the competition, and as critically claimed and loved as 'The West Wing' is, I don't feel it will have the fan base here to give 'LOST' the challenge it deserves too. But you never know. I am a 'West Wing' fan and I hope it isn't embarassed as it would be unjust. So the Big Battle for me is, perhaps surprisingly 'Prison Break' vs. 'Scrubs', purely because I feel both shows had a strong and loyal fan base, and there's no denying that both, at their peak, were some of the finest TV ever created, and even though some of the later seasons left a slightly bitter taste in the mouth, but they should be remembered for what they started as, and what they were, which for both, was quality TV. And to call which is likely to have more support is a tough one to call, perhaps 'Prison Break' due to the fact it feels like it has more closure than 'Scrubs', but I would be a fool to bet anything on which will win. I don't expect either to win the whole competition, but at this stage, it's impossible to call.

The Other Tough Ones
'Twin Peaks' vs. 'Seinfeld' is another tough one to call, as both shows are long finished and so many fans may have moved on and forgot about what made both work, but I expect the comedy crowd to stay loyal at this stage to Seinfeld, and the serial crowd, to pick the bizarre but genius 'Twin Peaks'. I do think Peaks will edge it, but it's gonna be so close whatever the case. 'Greys' vs. 'One Tree Hill' is another tough one to call as both have large fan bases, and both stretch over similar fans in general, so it's a case of which is strongest in the mind of the fans, and I do know that Greys had a supposedly brilliant finale, and so with that fresh in mind, could see it sneak through. Also 'Doctor Who' vs. 'ER' is a tough one to call as 'ER' is a hugely successful show over the years, and was, at one point, the best show of it's time, but the huge fan base has dwindled towards the end of it's 15 year run in 2009, yet it smashed the competition in the play-off for the final competition and is against one of only three British shows, which are likely to have less exposure to the American crowd. That is the main reason why I think 'ER' may nab it, but I could be wrong.

The Easy(er) ones
The ones I'm expecting to go through are 'House', 'The OC' and, wait for it, 'Band of Brothers' and these are the reasons why.
1. 'House' is still huge, 'Deadwood' is dead. 'House' is mass audience and critically successful, 'Deadwood' is niche and critcally successful. 'House' has more fans, and more current fans. And I do love 'Deadwood', but I don't see it having a sniff.
2. 'The OC' took on 'Life on Mars' in the playoff. And it beat it. :P

3. As a man of faith (Thank you John Locke), and a man in awe of how brilliant this miniseries was, it would be my biggest disappointment if something so thought-provoking, timeless and genius doesn't beat 'Desperate Housewives'. I have all my fingers crossed. If you don't believe me, watch the show (before the poll of course :P)

One again, I hope you enjoyed my Third article on the main competition, and don't forget to join the competition and potentially win a prize! Also, anyone wanting to write a mini review on any of the shows mentioned today, can send them to me at harris_4_president@yahoo.co.uk
Comment away on who you think will win out of these match-ups, and see you in a couple of days for the next analysis.
Till then, Adios.


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