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NCIS - Top 10 Best Things About Season 7

Hello, guys and girls õ/
Yes, I am another one of the whole bunch of new writers who joined the SpoilerTV Team last week. My name is Ana, I'm from Brazil, I don't like samba and my country is not a jungle, for those who take The Simpsons seriously. ;) I'm pretty much a geek, a movie buff and totally addicted to several TV shows, but the most beloved one is NCIS. *-*
That being said, I'm here to present you my first post with my ten favorite things in Season 7. Enjoy!

10. Tony and Tim are C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L-S

Can you imagine Tim, who is a known Dog-phobic (?), and Tony running away from security dogs after breaking and entering into the Police path to get some data for the ongoing case?
And after that, being arrested and spending some time in jail? Funnier than that, only later in the season, when Tony used that fact to annoy Tim: “CRIMINAL!”

9. NCIS does a crossover with The Flintstones!
Power's down and nobody but Gibbs knows how to deal with prehistoric objects that don’t require electric power, such as a Mimeograph. OK, it’s not that old. Some public schools, like the ones I attended as a child, used it until very recently because it’s cheap. But Federal Agents aren’t used to cheap old stuff, are they?

8. The Amazing Guest or Recurring Characters Season
Tobias Fornell, Phillip McCadden, Jackson Gibbs, Anthony DiNozzo Senior, Corporal Damon Werth, Abigail Borin, Jimmy Palmer (who deserves to be a regular), Holly Snow, “Mallison” Hart, Mike Franks and others.
Even when I hate the character, I can’t deny NCIS only casts great actors and actresses.

7. The Couple-teasing Season: Tony and Ziva in Paris | Tim and Abby in Mexico.
Yeah, Shane Brennan did try hard to drive shipper-fanatics crazy! Sharing a bed and a motorcycle in Paris is nice… What the heck happened between Tony and Ziva there? Did they do it or not? Big mystery!

Tim and Abby… Not so romantic, as Abby hates to travel with Tim and he hates to go to Mexico because he always gets sick. But we were delighted with jealousy moments by Tim, so it’s OK. Next season maybe, Mr. Brennan? *crosses fingers*

6. The Mysterious Case of Gibbs' Boat is now...
Still unsolved. But at least we know who had it and how Abby destroyed it believing it was a Lego-like wooden Boat. Poor Kelly.

5. Ziva becomes an American Citizen
Come on, did anyone see this coming? I bet everyone but me. I believed Ziva would be always the liaison officer, the weird foreign agent whose misspelling errors make everyone laugh. But now she is a NCIS Probationary Agent whose misspelling errors make everyone laugh. That’s quite a change, huh?
Ziva was a Probie for the whole season, and of course Tony and Gibbs couldn’t miss the chance to point that out. Over and over again. Later, she starts studying to become an American citizen, which is a nice process to watch as a foreign viewer. Ziva went through A LOT in her life. She’s no longer a heartless killing machine. She is an amazing investigator. An American one, now. :D

4. I Heart Family Moments
Thanksgiving dinner at Ducky’s was great! Even though any of them planned on going there that night, duty called and I was delighted with their Family-esque relationship at the table.
Other Family Moments I want to keep on my memory forever are Tony and Gibbs' barbecue done in a fireplace after DiNozzo Senior’s troubled visit; Ziva's citizenship ceremony; and the fact that Vance finally proved himself worth enough for Gibbs to allow him to join their family in the season finale.

3. The Daddies' Season
Is it just me or is Papa Gibbs adorable? I love Jackson, he’s so sweet and caring and Ralph Waite plays him perfectly! One can almost see a resemblance between Mark Harmon and Mr. Waite. His comeback for Christmas was incredible. I really hope Paloma Reynosa fails to assassinate him, because he and Leroy have just restarted their relationship! The Boss would feel really bad… At least we can trust Papa Gibbs can shoot.

Now… Papà DiNozzo, à la Italiana. We had been waiting for him for SEVEN YEARS and he came to us even better than we imagined. Robert Wagner ROCKS, he made Senior look pretty and charming, just like the Tony we all know and love! And although he was kind of absent for most of Junior’s life and will never be Gibbs’ BFF, he seems to be trying to be there for his son from now on and I guess those two will be OK. I hope he comes back next season!

2- “The forties are for emergency use only” - Gibbs’ Rules
I was as confused as Ziva when the forties came up, but the explanation was very nice: they are only for emergencies. They are very useful to send “encrypted” messages, like the one Gibbs sent to Franks through the Mexican lady. With a word and a number he could let his buddy know he had to leave town and take Leyla and Amira to a safe place. Isn’t it amazing? I wish real people had codes like that.

1. Ziva’s Rescue Mission in Somalia

The season begins in a totally different way, and the first episode shows how the plan to rescue Ziva was perfectly planned and executed, even though everybody believed she was dead, intending to revenge her murder.
When Ziva asked a truth-serum-dosed Tony what the heck he was doing in Somalia if he thought she was gone, his answer "Couldn't live without you, I guess" made millions of viewers’ day, including mine. We love you, Tony, even dehydrated and on drugs!


Well, that's it, peeps! We still have... tons of Tiva moments, McAbby moments, movie references that made me us laugh, amazing jokes, but... Those would make this list become even more HUGE! I'll let those things for future lists or postings, right?
I want to thank Andy for giving me the idea for this.
I tried to be as precise as I could just checking reviews, recaps, quotes and trivia of the whole season, so I hope I didn’t forget anything, but I probably did.
Think something should be higher or lower on the list? Did I forget something incredible? What would you choose instead? Please, let me know below! :D