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The Hunt for the Best TV Shows Ever!

(Update at the bottom of article)

Here at Spoiler TV, we are starting the hunt for the best TV shows of times gone by.

I spoke briefly with Dark about something like this and the impression I got is that it would be cool to get some interest in some of the older shows and also I feel it would be great to get more people interacting and not just lurking on this area of the site.

To kick things off, I am starting by gathering as much data as I can into finding what we all watched and still watch , then hope to have some polls, knockout competitions and write a really good article or two on the findings. Hopefully, it can be used by everyone here to work out which shows they should catch up on and watch for themselves, by compiling a comprehensive list of firstly who likes what, and then if they like a certain show, what generally other fans are watching too. For this, I need all of your help.

For starters, I need as many shows that are popular with the fans of spoiler TV as is possible. This is your chance to stop lurking and help make Dark’s site as good as is possible.

Obviously, this won’t be a success if I have merely 20 responses, and if we can get a decent list of the shows, hopefully I can make some sort of Show League Table, or Show Matchup knockouts, to find the most popular shows.

I hope you all get involved here at Spoiler TV by just writing in the comments on which shows you like that are on our screens. It could be 24 from this year, The Sopranos from 2007 or MASH from 1983.

Dark has a huge fan base here, that often hides and read things. This is your chance outside of the LOST pages to really get involved and interact with everyone on the site

So for now, I need the best shows that Spoiler TV’s fans have watched, and most of all, lets have some fun.

I’m fairly sure that’s why we come here. Because we all love TV.

So...We need the Top 3 shows from as many visitors as possible. It takes merely a minute to write it down, and you can comment through Disqus on Facebook and many other ways. So if you don’t have an account, then make one.

My Top three Shows:


2. 24

3. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Hope you all, or as many as possible join in. It hopefully will lead to some interesting polls, knockout competitions and a few articles from myself and anyone who is willing to help me out and write some stuff. If you want to help out or have any suggestions, then comment down below too and I’ll send you my email address or facebook link so we can get as many people as possible involved.

Thanks for reading (and commenting of course :P),


(Update: 05/06/10. Hey guys, Just to let you all know that I am planning on closing this part of the Hunt on Monday morning at 7:00am GMT so after then I'll add up all the final tally and start preparing the Polls and Showdowns. I hope to get a Showdown League going if Dark would like to do one, much like with the Episode cup he does for LOST every season. More on that on Monday I hope :)

Also, when we have the polls going, I thought that as well as a Picture and Show Blurb, it would be cool to have a Spoiler TV short Review there, on why the show is a favourite and to try and lure people into giving it a try. It's a chance for an article on the main site and with however much of a mention you would like. If you would like to do this, drop me a blank email with your name in the Header to harris_4_president@yahoo.co.uk

I have added up the first 300 votes and comments, and it is only Provisional at this time, and I have asked some people to specify which version of particular shows, in particular Battlestar Gallactica and The Prisoner, so take this with a small pinch of salt, but the Top 3 as things stand are:

LOST, Supernatural, Friends.

Consider yourself Spoilt :P

Also, don't read too much into this, as it takes into account 2nd and 3rd places.

p.s Some people have told me that they thought it was strictly just old shows, which I admit some of the words I used suggested, but I have rectified it. If you do want to change a vote then feel free, but if you could write NEW EDIT as the first word, so the ones I have already scored can be changed. Keep the old show there in brackets so I can delete from my tally. An example would be:

NEW EDIT 1. House (The West Wing)

Sorry for the Misunderstanding.