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Glee - Episode 1.22 - Journey - Recap

I have no patience when it comes to hiatuses, but if we have to go out on an episode, I'm happy it's this one.  With some amazing Sue zingers and a few of the best numbers we've gotten all season, it's no wonder I was weepy right along with the Gleeks.

My problem with this show has always been about storyline and timing and how quickly things happen on the show.  When I was watching tonight, I was annoyed at the time line with Quinn's baby and how the Glee gang (glang, if you will) managed to get back on stage after a ten minute number where Quinn had her baby.  This is a show in which you have to suspend your disbelief while at the same time, believe in the heart of this show and that believing in yourself can actually get you places.

Once I realized I just need to stop worrying about time line, wacky plot devices, and overly soap storylines, Glee suits me just fine.  And why wouldn't it?  I know for me, whose bat mitzvah theme twelve years ago was musicals, this show is a dream come true.  It completely lifts my spirits weekly.  If my love for the show ended there, it would be enough, but hey, I'm a teacher too, which means tonight's episode just hooked me even more.

Here's what I liked:

1.  Journey medley:

Way to tug on the heartstrings, Glee.  I love the circuity with the first and last episode of the season and the idea of their lives all being journeys.  Anyone who has been in high school knows how miserable it can be and how amazing it is when you have people you can count on.  Definitely a feel-good moment.  This season finale felt more like a series ending to me and I love that the first season of Glee could just be it's own mini-series.  It's so complete. 

2.  Sue's amazing one-liners: 

"...author of the book, I'm a Winner and You're Fat..."
"It's as barren as me in here, Will."
"I don't wanna catch poor."
"A world where I couldn't make fun of you for tearing up more than Michael Landon in a sweeps week episode of Little House on the Prairie."
"I'm gonna puke in your mouth."

3.  Love for Mr. Schue

I'm a sucker for heartfelt teacher movies, one of my favorites being Dead Poets Society and the scene where his kids sang "To Sir With Love," and told him what he meant to them, I about lost it because that kind of moment as a teacher is all we could ever hope for. I am betting anything they tossed around using Rent's "Seasons of Love" for that number.  We'll see it next year no doubt with Mercedes belting the last note.

4.  Finn and Rachel/Mercedes and Quinn

These were the two relationships I was most interested in, although I'm not sure if I buy Finn's "I love you."  Let's just say it was very Glee. Although, I did love their cuddling during "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."  Couldn't love the friendship between Mercedes and Quinn more and am really interested in more scenes with the two of them once Quinn is back to being sans baby belly.

5.  Bohemian Rhapsody Juxtaposed with Quinn's labor

I died when Vocal Adrenaline started singing "Bohemian Rhapsody."  Add in the birth which was so nicely done with VA's dance movements and lyrics, and we have a perfect scene.  Well done. 

Here's what was questionable to me:

1.  Rachel's mom story line:

Really? It's really too late to start hanging out with Rachel?  Poor girl is really putting her heart out there and all she gets is a "woops, I screwed up and it's too late for us."  This is the kind of show that says it's never too late.  And then we get her adopting Beth at the end?  Too much for me.  So she's going to love Quinn's kid more than Rachel?  Rachel's going to need even more therapy than I'm sure she's already getting.

2.  Everyone says "I love you."

Once was enough.  I was waiting to hear it from Tina and Artie next, my goodness.  I only believed Puck completely.  And I guess Will when he said it to Emma.  Emma's dentist, by the way, is none other than John Stamos.  Should be good.

3.  Josh Groban's acting skills

Do I even need to say anything else?

4.  Never enough Brittany  

I wish Brittany had more lines, although it's amazing that even her posture makes her look dumb. 

Don't stop believin', gleeks.  Hold on to that Glee feeling all summer long. 

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What did I miss?  What'd you love?  What'd you hate?  Let me know!

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