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Burn Notice - Episode 4.03 - Made Men - Recap

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Another week, another episode of Burn Notice. This week's episode is entitled Made Men. As usual, this is a detailed recap, so if you haven't already viewed the show, spoilers abound.

VFOC - Miami flyover to close-up of Michael, seated

SPY OBSERVATION: (Michael is sitting in at a table with Fiona and Sam) Spies come from all walks of life, and no two are alike. Whether they are a burned former operative, a beautiful bomber with a temper, or a hard drinking ex-SEAL, they all share one trait; punctuality. Showing up on time means you are fifteen minutes late.

The gang are sitting waiting for Jesse at a restaurant. They discuss why they are letting Jesse join their little merry gang. Michael reminds them that they are all investigating the same people, and since Michael burned him, it only seems fair. Sam doesn't understand the need for a counter intelligence agent. Jesse arrives carrying a few drinks, and offers them to the gang, compliments of the house.


Jesse tells them he has something 'heavy' to lay on them, and gives them the option to leave if they are uncomfortable. He tells them about his time working in the Dept. of Defense, and when he stumbled on some nasty work. Bombings, assassinations, etc. All global, but seemingly with a pattern. There was a lot of weapons and supplies coming through the port of Miami. Sam inquires if this is what brought him to Miami, and if he has a source? He says he has a raspy name, and he calls him Cobra. Sam laughs about it being a crappy code name. Jesse reminds him that he can make up the code names when it is his investigation. Sam asks Jesse about his snack preferences.

SPY OBSERVATION: (The gang pulls surveillance on the docks) Identifying an illicit weapons shipment from a specific country isn't as simple as checking manifests or spotting a flag on a ship. Its too easy for arms dealers to fake both. But phony paperwork and false flags won't stop crew members from telling you the straight story. Chat up the right deck hand, and you can learn where every piece of cargo came on board. There is no substitute for human intelligence.

Jesse gets some intel off the dock workers and find that none of the ships stopped in Algeria, his point of connection in his pattern. Fiona complains about the snacks; spray cheese and bologna, ew! As Jesse is returning to the car, he sees some guys beating up on someone else and he steps in to save the day, despite Michael's protestations.

Jesse approaches the two men beating up the guard and accuses them of hitting his car in the lot. He tells the guard it doesn't concern him, and he should get out of there. The guys tell him it wasn't his car, he drives something else, and didn't even park in the lot. They tell the guard to stay. Jesse grabs the guard, forcing him away. The goons grab for a gun, which Jesse gets from him first and takes command of the situation. From their vantage point in the car, Fiona expresses admiration for Jesse.

Jesse introduce Michael and Fiona to Hank, the guard he rescued. He tells Hank the work undercover for the shipping companies. Hank tells them the mob has taken over the docks, and they are trying to muscle the guards into helping them steal from the shipping containers. One of his friends went to the cops, and it ended up in his death, as well as the death of his wife and kids.


Michael tells Hank to take some days off, and they'll try to help him out. Michael is reluctant to help, but Jesse reminds him that this is essential his M.O. He thinks that having Hank on their side could help them get their hands on some shipping documents that could eventually lead them back to Cobra.

VFOC - The beaches of Miami with lots of bikinis lead us to an outdoor cafe.

Sam tells Michael that a friend of his in organized crime in the PD gave him some info in the form of a giant batch of papers, a yellow pages of Florida's connected. Michael is incredulous over the look of the mob, but quickly surmises the guy in the suit is the boss. Sam reads Michael the boss' greatest hits from his rap sheet, pointing out that while frequently a suspect, he has never been charged.


VFOC - Quick aerial shots of Madeline's house

Inside the house Madeline and Jesse talk while Jesse prepares some food. Hummus, with the secret ingredient cumin. Madeline says all she knows about Jesse is he like's his food spicy, and Michael told her he worked in government. She points out some observations, like he never parks in the same spot, or uses the same door to the house. Jesse claims superstition as Michael arrives. Jesse suggests that Michael is there for him, and Madeline leaves the kitchen. He tells Michael that she is good, would give a lot of agent's a run for their money, so to speak. They discuss the mob situation, and how best to handle it. Michael wants to convince them the Feds are onto them, so they give up and move on. He decides to bug them, which Jesse suggests that with the mob won't be easy.

SPY OBSERVATION: (Michael in his loft, working on a bug) Ideally, a bug should never be seen by anyone. But when there is a possibility it may be, it's best to make it look like something people won't want to touch. A wad of gum stuck to a balled-up tissue, and a sprinkling of whatever's in your lint trap will usually do the trick.

Sam enters and starts laying out Michael's cover identity. Someone that appeared willing to sell information to the mob. Sam found a suspended FBI Agent that is off on a drinking binge in Alaska. Sam hands him a fake badge and tells him to get cheap shoes and an ungly sports coat, and he'd be all set.

SPY OBSERVATION: (Michael arrives and is walked into the cafe to meet with the boss) Organized crime bosses, like senior administrators in any business, have a lot of people that want to meet with them. Hang around them long enough asking for some face time, and you can get yourself on the schedule. But don't count on the receptionist to offer you coffee while you wait.

Michael is introduced to the boss as Ned. Tony asks him why he's been standing around his place asking to talk to him. He asks if he had information about an ongoing investigation into him, what would it be worth. Tony says there is no investigation, and 'Ned' stammers that he's only asking IF he had that info, ballpark value? He allows himself to get roughed up a bit, so he can have a diversion to plant the bug. He tells them he used to be with the Bureau, but he isn't any longer. He tells them he was suspended for whisky, but he's clean now. Tony agrees to meet him at a later location, and tells him to never return to the restaurant.

Michael waits at the rendezvous point, Jesse and Fiona watch from a distant vantage point. Two men, not Tony, arrive, and tell Michael that Tony isn't coming. The mobsters tell him there is one problem, that he isn't Special Agent Ned Gordon, and as they begin punching him, they ask him who he really is. Jesse advises Fiona to take the shot, but she decides to let Michael work his magic. As one pulls a gun on him, he agrees to talk.

SPY OBSERVATION: (Michael is being held by one of the mobsters): Holding someone's arms behind their back is a good technique for a bully on a playground, but it leaves you very exposed. (Michael strikes) A well placed kick right beneath the knee will cripple your opponent, and a crippled opponent can be a great weapon.

The gang sits in the Charger watching Tony's cafe. Sam plays back some audio from the bug; apparently Tony has an inside man at the FBI that was able to crush Michael's cover identity. Sam introduces a new plan to take down Tony.


Gio is, according to the police, here on 'vacation.' In reality, he is here to squeeze Tony. He came in $15K light on his delivery, and the brass in NY aren't happy about it. The gang think that he's desperate, and with the right push, he might do something that his Fed buddies can't help him with in the long run. Unfortunately, he knows Michael's face, so Sam supposes it is time for him to meet Chuck Finley. (Now THAT'S a code name!)

VFOC - Miami Business district

Jesse meets with Hank on a street corner. Hank is nervous about his involvement. He asks questions about who the gang works for, and Jesse tells him not to worry, it is all for national security. Hank hands over some paperwork that Jesse had requested, all the shipping manifests that had anything to do with Algeria. Jesse thanks him, takes the papers and the two part ways.

Jesse sits reading the newly acquired documents in his garage apartment when Madeline walks in offering the use of some of Michael's old belongings. Madeline and Jesse talk about how his mother died, when he was 9, and how nobody helped her while she died in a robbery. Madeline comments how he is now hooked up with Michael, saving the world.

VFOC - Nighttime highway shots, A1A, nightclubs

SPY OBSERVATION: (Tony walks through a nightclub heading towards the lavatory) Grabbing someone who travels with protection is about finding the moments when they are least protected. Fortunately, even the most paranoid gangster insists on doing somethings alone. Executing a successful close quarters assault is all about setting the stage. You'll want to dull any reflective surfaces, corral your target into a corner, and hit him when he's most vulnerable. (Sam grapples and subdues Tony) And, it never hurts to have a prearranged exit strategy.

Jesse and Sam quickly change Tony's jacket and place a hat on him. Jesse questions how Sam will get him to talk, as he doesn't seem so tough. Sam tells Jesse he hasn't seen Chuck Finley in action. Jesse and Sam get Tony out of the club, right past his guards and we cut to Sam sharpening a knife when Tony awakes.

Tony is tied to the bed and has been stripped to his undergarments. He threatens Sam with mob action, and Sam asks him who he thinks wants him dead? He has been coming up light recently. Tony asks if it is Gio that set this up, and Sam doesn't say anything to confirm or deny. Tony offers to bribe him with $20K, and Sam laughs the bribe away. He returns to sharpening, this time a cleaver, while telling Tony that it was time for the needle. Tony asks to talk to NY, that he can fix it all. Sam tells him they both know that NY only listens to $50s and $100s, so unless he has a few million lying around, there is no use. Tony spills his plans involving the docks.
Tony says he's got a crew, and Sam tells him that Gio now has a crew. Sam agrees to a 48 hour reprieve and a $1 Million pay off.

Jesse and Michael talk in Michael's loft about the Algerian situation on the docks. Jesse supposes that Cobra is working locally. Sam calls Michael and tells him the plan is rolling, but despite Sam's efforts to convince Tony that his crew wasn't on his side anymore, he's still calling them in to pull the heist.

SPY OBSERVATION: (Fiona plants a device on Tony's car) Convincing a general that he can't trust his soldiers is an ancient and time-honored strategy. In ancient Rome, staging a botched assassination usually involved poisoning a few slaves. Today, the same effect can be achieved with a cheap cell phone and a brick of explosives. (Tony approaches his car, hears beeping, sees the device and runs, only to have his car explode behind him)

Tony approaches Sam at the Marina, asking for assistance, since he doesn't believe his crew can be trusted since they just tried to kill him. He comes to Sam for help on the heist, asking for him to put together a crew for him. Sam negotiates a bigger payday for doing the legwork, and they agree to keep in touch. After Tony walks away, Sam calls Michael and tells him that Tony took the bait.

The gang sits with Hank at a restaurant, explaining the plan to him. They are going to ensure that Tony gets busted while trying to rob the docks. If this happens, his operation rolls up and the problem disappears. They are going to participate in the heist to ensure the mouse goes after the cheese. They inform Hank that Tony has an FBI agent in his pocket, so they can't go to the authorities in advance. Hank will get to be the one that stops the heist, and be the hero. He just has to follow their directions. Fiona volunteers to be Sam's right hand, but Michael tells her that Tony is expecting that part to be played by a man, which means Jesse is off the bench.

Jesse, Sam and Tony discuss the heist near the dockyards. Tony explains they are lifting 50,000 microprocessors with a street value of $5 Million. Jesse runs down the security in place, electric fence, gate, rent-a-cops, etc. Tony tries to get Sam and Jesse to do the leg work while he sits in the shadows. Sam refuses to do anything if Tony isn't helping. Tony insists that as a boss, he doesn't do the heavy lifting. Jesse gets Sam to tell a story about an El Salvadorian mission, how he saved someone's ass. No man left behind is his creed, and he won't change that for anyone. The tale convinces Tony, and he agrees to get some dirt on his hands. Sam takes offense that Jesse had him use his real life in the field.

Back home, Jesse pours over the dock paperwork when he has a eureka moment. He calls Michael, and Michael immediately admonishes him for dragging Sam's personal life into play, and Jesse understands. Jesse tells him he has found Cobra's warehouse, and as he sets out to leave Madeline enters bearing cookies. Jesse tells her he is off to meet Michael, and she thanks him for narrowing it down. He confronts her about always digging into who he is, and he tells her everything; worked in counter intelligence until a month ago when he was 'fired' when someone else used his security clearance to steal some files. Michael was there to save his ass. Jesse assures Madeline that she raised a good man.

Michael and Jesse search a hanger where they find a plane bearing the same tail numbers as the one Jesse knows has been used before.

SPY OBSERVATION: (Michael notices something under the plane and starts looking) One reason it's tough to pull of the perfect crime is destroying evidence leaves its own evidence. If a section of floor has been cleaned with a powerful surfactant, it sticks out like a drop of bleach on a shirt, begging the question "What did someone go through so much trouble to clean?"

Michael and Jesse examine the spot on the floor. Jesse asks if it is plane grease, but Michael asserts that it is blood. Someone went to a lot of trouble to dump a body. Jesse speculates that it might have been Cobra's body being dumped, which will make tying things up harder. Seems like they are going to need to track the plane's flight paths to see where they flew to determine where the body might have been dropped.

Sam, Hank and Fiona stroll together while Sam finalizes details with Tony on the heist. Hearing the El Salvador story has really gotten Tony fired up, and he keeps calling Sam. Unfortunately, Tony wants Sam to kill his entire crew and their families after the job is done. Hank seems worried, but Sam reassures him that if he plays his part correctly, everything will work out fine.

Tony, Jesse, Sam and Fiona gather outside the docks. Tony is unsure about such a small team, but Sam reassures him there are more people that he hasn't met watching perimeter. Michael then checks in with several accented voices, pretending to be the rest of a fictional team. When he has eyes on security, Sam has him shoot out a tire to give them an opening.

SPY OBSERVATION: (The team breaches the perimeter) If you are cutting through a high-powered fence, you need more than rubber gloves and thick-soled shoes. Covering a fence with spray-on insulation and using a set of fiberglass handled bolt cutters will prevent you from lighting up like a Christmas tree. (Michael radios in a halt, and then gives them the all clear) A shape charge large enough to go through a wall is also large enough to let everyone for several miles know what you are doing. A smaller charge can be just as useful and a lot less noisy. A hydraulic spreader puts out enough pressure to rip a door off a Humvee, but placed correctly, it will make short work of reinforced concrete.

Tony gets into the truck and Sam sends him on while he goes to get the gate opened. Once the gate is opened by Hank, he walks Sam out at gunpoint to force Tony to drive away without him. Michael keeps eyes on him as he drives away, but unfortunately, Tony stops a few hundred feet down the line.

SPY OBSERVATION: (Michael watches Tony) A spy's job is to get into the head of his adversary; to know how he'll behave and use it against him. But human behavior is as predictable as the weather. Sometimes the most hardened criminal can decide to be noble at the most inconvenient time.

Michael informs them that Tony is turning back for him. Keeping up the charade, Sam punches Hank, takes his gun and Hank runs off. He drives through the gate, destroying the truck in the process. Tony recalls the no man left behind morale of Sam's El Salvador story, and Sam and Tony run as sirens wail in the distance. Sam tells Tony his gun jammed and that's how Hank caught him. Sam tries to convince Tony to run; Tony tries to convince Sam to turn the tables on Gio and New York. Tony outlines the plan to take down Gio. Sam complains to Jesse about now having a psychopath best friend, all because of his story. Jesse says that taking down Tony robbing the dock or taking Tony down as he tries to off Gio, the both have the same result. Either way, Tony's expecting an army which they don't have. Fiona says she can get them an army.

SPY OBSERVATION: (Fiona interviews a long line of men) Creating the illusion of force is one of the oldest tricks in warfare. The rise of the private security guard has made it a lot easier. Post a job opening on the internet in the morning, and by lunch you can have a whole platoon of muscular guys in black blazers. Hire some heavy duty SUVs to put your security force in place and it'll look just like you've got troops ready for battle.

Sam and Tony drive to the rendezvous discussing taking down Gio. Tony seems ready to play hardball. They discuss shooting out Gio's engine and allowing Tony to jump from the car to open fire.

SPY OBSERVATION: (The op plays out) Military leaders since the city-states of early Greece have known that tried and tested method for getting rid of an adversary is provoking him to attack a more powerful enemy. Provide an ambitious adversary with the backing of a seemingly invincible army and he's bound to go hunting for even his toughest rival.
Tony opens fire on Gio's car and tells him that he can't take him out because he was a little short. Tony lays it out; he's got a new crew and he's the new boss. Making sure your adversary is eliminated then becomes about pulling that backing (Sam and all the hired SUVs turn away) once he's declared war on his rival, when it's too late for him to take it all back. A gunfight ensues, Tony winds up hospitalized, Gio winds up dead, several arrests are made, and Hank watches the gang walk away into the sunset with the knowledge that docks are safe once again.

Sam meets the gang at the bar with info on the cargo plane. Last flight reported was to the Bahamas, and the same day, a John Doe washes ashore. Fiona arranges transport for Jesse in the cargo hold of a cigarette boat so he can check it out.

Michael goes home to his loft to find Madeline waiting for him. She tells him she knows all about what he did to Jesse, since he has the same look on his face that he had when he left his brother behind with her when he joined the army. She tells him she won't blow his secret, but lies have a way of getting out. Madeline leaves Michael to think about what he's done.

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